What's New at eComEngine?

Recent release notes for FeedbackFive, RestockPro, and SellerPulse.

March 2024


  • New feature: Competitive Price Threshold. Alerts for Suppressed Buy Box now include Amazon's Competitive Price Threshold alongside your current price. Learn more about Buy Box Alerts and Amazon's Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy

February 2024


  • Enhancement: Download a CSV of alerts from the past 30 days from the Alerts page. Learn more.
  • Enhancement: Lost Buy Box alerts on the Alerts page now include a better side-by-side comparison of your offer with the winning offer in the "Details" panel.

December 2023


  • New feature: See a history of listing events from the past 30 days on the Alerts page.

November 2023


  • Enhancement: We made small tweaks to the template editor to make it as easy as possible to comply with Amazon's Communication Guidelines.

October 2023


  • Enhancement: All SellerPulse alerts now show the product title and image for easier identification.