What's New at eComEngine?

Recent release notes for FeedbackFive, RestockPro, and SellerPulse.

October 2023


  • Enhancement: All SellerPulse alerts now show the product title and image for easier identification.

September 2023

SellerPulse and FeedbackFive:

  • New Product: SellerPulse! Product listing alerts are now available as a standalone tool or as an add-on to FeedbackFive. (Most existing FeedbackFive subscriptions will continue to include the beta version of SellerPulse, for now.)
  • New Feature: Inventory Out of Stock Alert. SellerPulse also includes a new alert to notify you when any of your FBA SKUs goes out of stock.

August 2023


  • New Feature: Buy Box alert. Get an email when you win or lose the Buy Box and when the Buy Box gets suppressed for any of your listings. Email alerts include information about the offer currently winning the Buy Box, and recommended actions to win a lost or suppressed Buy Box again. Activate this along with the listing status alert, number of offers change alert, and listing content change alert to keep your listings healthy and protect them from hijackers.