What are Inventory Alerts?

SellerPulse can send you an email alert when any of your FBA SKUs go out of stock.

To receive these alerts, go to your SellerPulse dashboard and turn on the Inventory alert, then select "When a SKU runs out of stock."

Recommended Actions

When you receive one of these alerts, you should consider restocking the SKU right away. Factors to consider for each SKU include:

  • Profitability: is this SKU making money, after fees and shipment costs?
  • FBA capacity: is this SKU selling through quickly enough? Is it taking away capacity from a more profitable or faster-selling product?
  • Seasonality: is it selling a lot now due to the season, but won't sell as much again?

Buyer experience and seller reputation: is this SKU causing a lot of refunds or negative feedback, raising your Order Defect Rate (ODR)? Is this SKU getting a lot of negative reviews and ratings?


  • Add FeedbackFive to your subscription to see analytics on feedback, reviews, and ratings for each SKU and request more of them.
  • Sign up for RestockPro to get data on sales history, sell-through rate, profitability, and more for each SKU, plus alerts to help you start the replenishment process before the SKU even runs out of stock.