What is the Buy Box Report in SellerPulse?

See a real-time breakdown of how many SKUs in your catalog are currently winning and losing the Buy Box and how your offers compare to other winning offers.


Note: This feature is new! Let us know what you think here.

In addition to alerts when a Buy Box is won, lost, or suppressed and a history of alerts, SellerPulse also provides a current overview of your catalog's Buy Box statuses and how your offers compare to others via the Buy Box Report.

To see it, go to Buy Box Report (or SellerPulse > Buy Box Report) in the top navigation.

Note: The Buy Box Report will not contain data unless you have turned on the Buy Box alert on the SellerPulse Dashboard. Once the alert is activated, the report should show data within a few hours.

The Buy Box Report includes two pages: the Buy Box Summary and the Losing Offer Details. Access these by clicking the buttons at the top of the report.

Buy Box Summary

At the top of the Buy Box Summary, you can see a donut chart with an overview of what percentage of your catalog is winning and losing the Buy Box right now, and what percentage of your SKUs currently have no Buy Box winner. (If no offer is winning the Buy Box, this indicates that the Buy Box was suppressed, the whole listing is inactive, or some other issue.)

Below is a list of your products with the current Buy Box status of each. You can search by ASIN, SKU, or title to filter the list. Clicking a section of the donut chart filters the list, and searching in the list filters the donut chart.

You can also sort the list by the available columns: ASIN, title, SKU, Buy Box status, number of competing sellers, price, shipping (cost), and fulfillment channel.

Losing Offer Details

At the top of this page, you can see a bar chart showing the competitors that win the Buy Box against you most often. Competitors may include Amazon itself, which will be shown by name. All others will be displayed as an Amazon seller ID. (Seller names coming soon!)

Below is a list of your products that are currently losing the Buy Box with a side-by-side comparison of the two offers on price, shipping cost, fulfillment channel, and seller rating.

For each column, if your offer is better (e.g., you have a lower price or shipping cost or a higher seller rating), your offer's value is shown in green. If your offer is worse, your offer's value is shown in red. Equal values are shown in black. This color-coding helps you understand how you can improve your offer to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Export Data

On both the Buy Box Summary and Losing Offer Details pages, you can export the product lists as a CSV:

  1. Hover within the table.
  2. Click the ellipsis (...) icon above the top right corner.
  3. Click "Export Data."
  4. Choose "Data with Current Layout."