How does RestockPro support Amazon's Minimum Inventory metric and Low-Inventory-Level Fee?

In April 2024, Amazon launched a new Minimum Inventory Level metric and a Low-Inventory-Level fee. RestockPro provides data on this metric and fee to help you make replenishment decisions.

On the Restock Suggestions page, RestockPro provides several features to help you understand Amazon's inventory recommendations and associated fees. Use these alongside other suggestions calculated by RestockPro to make fully informed decisions for your business.

To understand how Amazon calculates Minimum Inventory Level and Low-Inventory-Level fees, see Amazon's FAQs.

Historical Days of Supply Column

In the Restock Suggestions grid, the Historical Days of Supply column shows you the number Amazon uses to calculate the Low-Inventory-Level fee. The number is based on average daily units you had on hand at FBA, divided by average daily units shipped.


When your Historical Days of Supply drops below 28 days (for a parent ASIN), Amazon will begin charging the Low-Inventory-Level fee when future customer orders are shipped.

Some SKUs have no Historical Days of Supply number. This is because Amazon does not always provide one for RestockPro to display.

Minimum Inventory Level Column

Another column displays the Minimum Inventory Level. This is Amazon's suggestion for the number of units you should have at FBA.


According to Amazon's FAQs, you can reduce your chances of being charged Low-Inventory-Level fees by keeping at least this number of units at FBA at all times.

Some SKUs do not have a Minimum Inventory Level. This is because Amazon does not always provide one for RestockPro to display.

Note: RestockPro cannot vouch for the accuracy of these numbers. We display the numbers Amazon provides, alongside RestockPro's own calculated days of supply and suggested ship and reorder quantities, in case it is helpful to you when making replenishment decisions.

Tip: If you don't see these columns, you may need to click the hamburger icon and add them back to the Restock Suggestions grid.

Hamburger icon on Restock Suggestions page in RestockPro

Low-Inventory-Level Fee Filter

The Low-Inventory-Level Fee filter allows you to filter by Historical Days of Supply.


Filter for < 28 days to see SKUs that are already subject to the Low-Inventory-Level fee.

Filter for a higher number, e.g. < 35 days, to see SKUs that are getting close to being subject to the Low-Inventory-Level fee and need to be restocked soon to avoid the fee.

Tip: Save a new custom filter that includes the Low-Inventory-Level Fee filter setting you prefer plus any other metrics you normally watch, e.g. SKUs with red and purple flags, to quickly see all the SKUs that need the most urgent attention.