What should I do if the number of offers on my listing changed?

A new seller on your Amazon listing might be a piggybacker, counterfeiter, or hijacker. Investigate the new competitor in case you need to take action.

FeedbackFive provides an alert you can turn on to know whether the number of offers on any of your listings has increased or decreased. Activate it on the Alerts page.


Number of Offers Increased

If you sell your own branded (or private label) products or have an exclusive reseller arrangement with the brand or manufacturer, a new seller on your listing might be selling counterfeit goods or units that were obtained in an unauthorized way. This could lead to poor customer experiences and harm to your brand's reputation.

When you see a new competitor on your listing, some actions you can take include:

  1. Performing a test purchase from the other seller to see whether or not the items are counterfeit.
  2. Sending a cease and desist letter warning the seller to stop using your trademark or other intellectual property.
  3. Reporting counterfeit goods to Amazon.
  4. Reporting any copyright infringement or trademark violations to Amazon.
  5. Talking to your lawyer about taking legal action.

Learn more about handling and preventing hijacking.

What if I'm a Reseller?

If you don't sell your own branded products and don't have an exclusive wholesale relationship with your supplier, it is generally legal (and allowed by Amazon) for other sellers to sell the same product on the same listing.

If a new seller starts winning the Buy Box (Featured Offer) more often, you may want to consider lowering your price to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box again or consider whether it is worthwhile to continue stocking this product.

Number of Offers Decreased

If a competing seller disappears from the listing, you have a greater chance of winning the Buy Box (Featured Offer) and making more sales. You may want to consider raising your price slightly to increase profits.

Note: Raising your price too much could cause Amazon to make your offer ineligible to win the Buy Box, even if you are the only seller on the listing.