The RestockPro Products page contains general catalog information about the products you’re selling on Amazon. This is where you can add a new product and view or update product-related information. 

Simple updates may be done on the product details popup page. If you are updating several products at once we suggest using the CSV download/upload features.  

Types of Products in RestockPro 

Active Amazon Listings

When you sign up for RestockPro, it imports your active FBA listings from Amazon. The system continues to synchronize with your Amazon inventory several times daily. To work with these in RestockPro, you will want to associate each listing with a supplier or source. Be sure to add your fees and costs associated with the product to RestockPro for accurate margin calculations. You can also add other identifying information, such as tags or notes

New Amazon Listings

It can take a bit of time for your new listings to be available to RestockPro from Amazon, but that doesn’t need to slow you down from getting them into FBA! The quickest way to start stocking a new listing is to add it directly into RestockPro. You will just need to enter a few details like the SKU, title, ASIN, and FNSKU. The rest of the Amazon-related data will be automatically populated as soon as it is available.

Kits & Kit Part SKUs

If you sell custom bundles or multipacks, you should mark them as kits in RestockPro. For each kit, list each of the parts and the quantity that you order from your supplier to build the kit.

For each kit, you define the parts that you order from the supplier in order to build the kit. If you also sell the part as an individual listing, it should already be in your products list. If not, you should still add it to RestockPro. If you use the setting for “Part SKU only” your part SKUs will be added to your purchase orders when needed, but the parts will never be suggested for individual restocking.

Learn more about kits here.

Inactive Products

Products that you no longer wish to be considered for restocking should be marked inactive. Use the CSV upload to update the SKU status in bulk. These can easily be found using the quick filter button.

Products Page Actions

The Products page offers several other actions that help you keep track of your inventory and expected inventory and complete your shipments. Select one or more products using the checkbox and then choose the Actions button to access the option to print stickers.

Sticker printing is described here. You can add custom sticker text directly on the Products page, so it is available here as well as on any PO containing the product. You may also add a new product, apply a custom filter, add or remove columns, or update products via a CSV file. 

Updating Products via CSV File

To update products in a CSV file, click the CSV Options button on the Products page to download the product grid to a spreadsheet by choosing to download all your products.

Make necessary updates to costs, supplier, fees, active status, and more in the CSV file and save it as a CSV. Click the CSV Options button again and choose “Upload” to import your saved product information into RestockPro. For more tips on using CSV files, click here.

Product tags may be uploaded through the CSV. Separate multiple tags with a semicolon (;). For example, setting the tags to "Revisit in June; labels" will create 2 tags on the product, one for "Revisit in June" and one for "labels". If you want to remove all of the tags, enter <DELETE> in the CSV field. This will remove any existing tags permanently.

We strongly suggest you create and save a backup Products download CSV before running any update files. Just click "Download all" from the CSV button on the Products page. Give the file a descriptive name to help you remember the date it was created and the name of the file that was uploaded immediately after. The upload cannot be reversed, so taking the time to create a backup will pay off!

Scroll to the bottom of this page to access an Excel file with instructions for each field in the product upload template.

Accessing Product Details

To access the product details, simply click the product SKU/name link. A window will pop up, and this is where you modify product details.

Product Information is divided into three tabs:

  • Basic Information 

  • Kits

  • History

Basic Information

The Basic Information tab contains information about the product. Most fields here are user-maintained. You may add additional costs, product tags, or custom sticker text under this tab.


Click the Kits tab to set up or view the contents of a kit SKU. Check out our article on Kits for more information on how to set them up.


The history tab tracks the PO history for the SKU and shows the average cost paid historically for the product.