Product Upload

Making bulk updates to your product information.

Adding Products on the Products Page

On the Products Page, click the CSV Options dropdown and click “Get Template.”

The Product Import Template will download in CSV format with the following fields:

  • SKU

  • Product Title

  • Supplier Alias

  • Supplier SKU

  • Cost

  • Case Pack Quantity

  • Always Purchase in Cases

  • Inbound Shipping Fee

  • Repackaging Material Fee

  • Repackaging Labor Fee

  • Reshipping Fee

  • Minimum Order Quantity

  • Active

  • ASIN


  • UPS

  • EAN

  • Notes

  • Location

  • Restock Model

  • Expiration Date

Please note that if your data has special characters, there are steps you must follow before uploading your file to RestockPro.


In Windows:

Open the file using Notepad, click on File and Save As. In the options window, make sure the value for Encoding is UTF-8. Your file will have an extension of .csv. Click Save and use the new file for upload.