What are product alerts?

Product listing alerts help you stay on top of important changes to your listings. This feature is currently in beta.

While product alerts are in the beta phase, we will be rolling out new alerts individually as they are developed, starting with a Listing Status Change alert. 

Alerts Roadmap

Available Now

Listing Status Change

Stay informed when any of your listings becomes search suppressed, inactive, deleted, or active. Choose which of those four listing statuses you would like to be alerted for and how frequently you would like to be notified.

To enable this feature, go to Alerts > Product Alerts Beta.


Coming soon

Number of Sellers Change (Hijacker Detection)

Be alerted if there are any new sellers on your listing, which could indicate a hijacker is selling a counterfeit version of your product.

Buy Box Change

Losing the Buy Box on Amazon can be a warning sign that something is wrong, and addressing the issue quickly can help maintain your sales and visibility.

Listing Content (Title, Image, Bullet Points, Description) Change

Unauthorized changes to the content of your listing can negatively impact searchability, brand recognition, and sales. 

Stock Level Warning

To prevent going out of stock and losing sales, it is important to restock as your supply starts to dwindle.

You can help!

During the beta phase, we are looking for open and honest feedback about your experience with the feature. Please report any bugs you encounter and let us know how we can improve. To provide feedback about the Product Alerts Beta, please click here.  We appreciate your help!


If you have any questions about the beta phase or would like to become a tester, please contact us. We're here to help and ensure a smooth beta testing experience for everyone.