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How can I copy a template from an outside editor?

If you write your email template in a text document or anywhere outside FeedbackFive, you must paste it as plain text in FeedbackFive to avoid including extra styling that may be blocked by Amazon.

Amazon's Communication Guidelines do not allow sellers to send messages with font family, font color, or line height styling that would override Amazon's template styling. When you copy and paste text from a word processor or anywhere else into the FeedbackFive template editor, some of that styling may be included, unless you paste as plain text.

There are two ways to paste as plain text:

  • Keyboard shortcut:
    1. Hold down Shift+CTRL+V, or, if you use a Mac, Option+Shift+Command+V.
  • Template editor pasting tool (Advanced Editor):
    1. Click the clipboard icon with a T at the top of the template editor. emails-templates-advanced-editor-paste-plain-text
    2. In the pop-up window that appears, use CTRL+V or Command+V to paste normally.
    3. Scan through the text and remove any extra line spaces. (Amazon policy does not allow more than one blank line between paragraphs.)
    4. Click OK.