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What can I include in my FeedbackFive emails?

Amazon has policies on what sellers can include in emails to buyers. Comply with these policies to avoid suspension and give buyers an optimal experience.

What links can I include?

You may not include external links unless they are secure working links (https, not http) necessary for order completion or links to Amazon (see more here). Amazon reserves the right to remove any untrusted links.

Can I include my logo?

You may include your logo in emails as long as it does not contain a link or URL to your website or any non-Amazon website. Images in emails, including logos, may not be more than 80% max width.

Can I include a product image?

Amazon does not allow you to include a product image because they insert one at the top of each message for you.

Can I include emoji or other images?

Amazon does not allow emoji in messages. Other images are allowed but must be related to your brand or company and must not be more than 80% max width.

Can I include the buyer's name?

Not in FeedbackFive messages. Amazon does not provide a way for FeedbackFive to see the buyer's Personally Idenitifiable Information (PII), including name.

Can I include my email address?

No, the Communication Guidelines say that you may not include email addresses. Amazon reserves the right to delete any email address.

If you are sending a Buyer-Seller Messaging template from FeedbackFive, you can encourage buyers to reply to the email you send them (which will create a new message to you in Seller Central) or to contact you via your store contact page (using the Shortcut Tag [[ContactUs]]).

Can I include my phone number for customer service?

You may not include telephone numbers except those related to warranties, shipping providers, or manufacturers.

Can I contact buyers by phone or by postal mail?

No, you may not contact buyers except through the Buyer-Seller Messaging system. If you receive customer information such as addresses or phone numbers, you may use that information only to fulfill orders and must delete it after the order has been processed.

Can I let buyers know about another product or a promotion?

Marketing communications are prohibited. Messages may not contain any marketing or promotional materials, including coupon codes. All messages to buyers should be necessary for the current order and related customer service.

Can I request seller feedback?

You may request feedback from buyers in a neutral manner, no more than one time per order.

Can I ask a buyer to change or remove seller feedback?

After you have contacted your buyer and addressed their concerns, you can politely ask them if they can remove their negative feedback. (Make this extra easy for your buyer by using FeedbackFive's negative feedback removal tool!)

Can I request product reviews?

You may request product reviews in a neutral manner, but you may not ask for positive reviews or ask for reviews only from buyers who had a positive experience.

For example, you may say, "Will you please leave a product review?" but you may not say "Will you please leave a 5-star review?" or "If you liked the product, please leave a review."

Also, you may not send product review requests only to buyers who left positive seller feedback.

You may not request a review or feedback more than once per order.

Can I ask a buyer to change or remove a product review?

You may not ask buyers to change or remove a product review.

Need more help?

Try using this checklist to determine whether your FeedbackFive messages are compliant with Amazon Communication Guidelines. If you still have questions, contact us.