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Are My Emails Compliant with Amazon Policy?

Use this checklist to review your account and update your FeedbackFive templates and campaigns to align with Amazon's Communication Guidelines.


According to Amazon's Communication Guidelines, you can always respond to a buyer's question or send messages that are necessary for order fulfillment (such as customization questions, scheduling delivery, etc.) You can also send Proactive Permitted Messages for various reasons, including requesting a product review, seller feedback, or both. However, all messages must comply with Amazon's guidelines on content, style, timing, and more. (See Amazon's short video overview of the guidelines here.)

FeedbackFive has several built-in features to help you with compliance, but you are responsible for making sure that the templates and campaigns you create follow all of Amazon's guidelines. Use the checklist below when creating or reviewing your templates to make sure you are compliant. The things FeedbackFive automatically does for you are shown with checkmarks.

Tip: If you use the official Amazon template (Request a Review), your messages are always fully compliant! To start requesting reviews and feedback quickly without the risk of breaking the guidelines, you can activate the default Feedback and Review Request with the Amazon template attached.

    Proactive Permitted Messages: MUST HAVES

    Send within 30 days of order completion

    FeedbackFive will only send messages within 30 days of order delivery date. Older orders will be excluded automatically.

    Include the 17-digit order ID

    Every FeedbackFive template has the order number automatically included.

    Content in the buyer’s Language of Preference

    FeedbackFive campaigns that use a Buyer-Seller Messaging template have two compliant options you can select:

    1. Exclude buyers whose preferred language is different than the default for the marketplace (e.g. a buyer who prefers Spanish and purchased on the US marketplace).
    2. Send those buyers the Amazon Request a Review template, which is automatically translated into the buyer's preferred language.

    Proactive Permitted Messages: NOT ALLOWED

    ⚠️The following are types of messages that are always against Amazon's guidelines:

    • A repeat request (per order) for a product review or seller feedback
      • You have three default campaign options in FeedbackFive to request a product review and/or seller feedback. Activate only one to request a review and/or feedback from all your buyers. 
      • Or, if you’re on the Pro plan level or higher, you can create your own custom request campaign(s), but make sure they do not overlap each other. Use the campaign rule “Send if email sent from specific campaign” to exclude orders that received another request for a review or feedback. (Learn more about campaign rules.)
    • Order or shipping confirmations
    • Messages that say only “Thank you” or that you are here to help if buyers have any problems
    • Marketing or promotional messaging, including coupons

    Email Content: NOT ALLOWED

    Link to opt-out of messaging

    FeedbackFive does not include this feature.

    External links unless they are secure working links (https, not http) necessary for order completion or links to Amazon

    Review and test all links.

    Language that either incentivizes or persuades the buyer to submit positive product reviews or seller feedback, including by offering compensation, money, gift cards, free or discounted products, refunds, rebates or reimbursements, or future benefits

    Language that requests a product review only if they have had a positive experience with the product

    Review content and phrase all review requests neutrally. Do not use conditional phrases such, “If you are happy, please leave a review,” or “Give us a chance to help before leaving a review.” 

    Do not offer anything to the buyer when asking for a review.

    To get suggested product review request language, use the Wizard - Product Review template and load default values. Learn more.

    Language that requests removal or an update of an existing product review

    FeedbackFive does not have an option to contact buyers who left a review. Learn more.

    Attachments except for those needed to resolve a buyer’s issue (for example, shipping labels, invoices, and custom designs)

    Review any attachments; remove marketing material, free ebooks, or anything else not necessary for order completion.

    Logos, if they contain or display a link to your website

    Review any logos.

    Sensitive content in images or text (e.g. bare skin, violence/gore, adult/offensive language)

    Review content.

    Tracking pixels or images

    FeedbackFive does not include this feature.

    Email addresses

    Telephone numbers except those related to warranties, shipping providers, or manufacturers

    Review messages and remove these. You can encourage buyers to contact you by replying to this email, but do so neutrally to avoid manipulating reviews and feedback. (Example: “Reply to this email if you have any questions.”)

    Images of purchased products as Amazon includes those on your behalf 

    FeedbackFive templates do not include product images by default. Do not add product images by uploading them yourself. 

    Spelling errors or grammar issues

    Review messages and have a friend or colleague read them to help you catch any typos.

    Email Styling: NOT ALLOWED

    No emojis, GIFs, or images unrelated to your brand

    FeedbackFive does not have the option to use emojis animated GIFs in your templates. If you add any of your own images, make sure they are professional and relevant to your brand (e.g. lifestyle imagery, an instructional diagram).

    Fonts in more than three sizes

    Keep your message body text a consistent size. If you use your store name at the top instead of a logo, it can be larger, for a total of two sizes.

    More than two line breaks in a row

    Make sure you don't have excess space between paragraphs of your message.

    Unsecure images (http instead of https) 

    If you use the FeedbackFive Image Library to add your logo and other images related to your brand, they are already secure.

    Images without ALT text

    If you use the FeedbackFive Image Library to add your images logo and other images related to your brand, they will have ALT text added automatically.

    (ALT text is a short description of the image that will appear if the recipient for some reason cannot see the image.)

    The default Wizard templates in FeedbackFive are compliant with Amazon’s style guidelines. If you create your own templates from scratch, read additional style guidelines related to fonts, colors, margins, image sizes, and accessibility here.