What is the Official Amazon Feedback and Review Request Template?

This FeedbackFive template triggers Amazon to send their own request for seller feedback and a product review.

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FeedbackFive provides a default template called “Amazon Feedback and Review Request”. This “template” is not an email sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging. Instead, it triggers Amazon to send their own request for seller feedback and a product review.

Thumbnail image of the official Amazon feedback and review request email template in FeedbackFive

Because Amazon sends the actual message when you use this template, you cannot edit the template content or design. Amazon controls the message content, links, images, and layout. You may see an example Amazon message by clicking the template thumbnail and switching to “Example Message.”

Example of the official Amazon feedback and review request message

This message is the same email Amazon sends when you click the “Request a Review” button on the Order Details page in Seller Central. However, it is automatically triggered by FeedbackFive through a secure connection so that you do not need to click the button manually for each order or take any action to trigger the requests daily.

Instead, you can use campaign rules to control the timing and make sure the requests are sent to the right buyers at the right time. For example, you can exclude particular SKUs or ensure that more complex items get a review request long enough after the delivery date while simpler items get it sooner. (To do all this, use custom campaign rules, available on most plan levels.)

Note: Be sure to set the timing options so that the email will be sent between 5 and 30 days after delivery, per Amazon's rule for this type of request.

Should I use this template or a different one? How do I choose?

Both types of templates—the official Amazon request and the Buyer-Seller Messaging email requests—have different benefits. Read about the differences below and choose the requests that are right for your needs. (Remember that you can use a combination of both, as long as you do not request feedback or a review more than once for the same order.)


Amazon Feedback and Review Request

Buyer-Seller Messaging Email Templates


  • 100% Amazon-compliant by design; no risk of sending content that is not allowed by Amazon or incurring a Buyer-Seller Messaging restriction.
  • Includes clickable stars; catches buyers’ attention and helps them share their ratings faster.*
  • Automatically avoids sending to buyers who have opted out, left feedback or a review already, or haven’t yet received their package.
  • Includes buyer’s name for added personalization.*
  • Only one message can ever be triggered; avoids overwhelming buyers with multiple requests.


  • Can be customized to include seller logo and other branding and a more personal writing style within Amazon’s Communication Guidelines.
  • Can be used to send product instructions or other content necessary to complete the order.
  • Buyers can reply to the emails to get in touch with the seller easily through Buyer-Seller Messaging.

Points to consider:

  • No ability to add your logo or other branding.
  • Always requests both product review and seller feedback; may emphasize product reviews more.*
  • Buyers cannot reply to the emails.

Points to consider:

  • It is the seller’s responsibility to write a message within Amazon’s Communication Guidelines; risk of sending something non-compliant and incurring a restriction.
  • There is a risk of sending multiple emails or duplicates by mistake.

Best use cases:

  • Sellers who have experienced Buyer-Seller Messaging restrictions
  • Sellers who want to get started quickly and easily with an effective, compliant message
  • Sellers who are primarily focused on requesting product reviews

Best use cases:

  • Sellers who have a strong brand identity that connects with customers
  • Products that need instructions or other necessary information

*Because Amazon controls the content of these messages, they are subject to change at any time. Features listed here may not always be included in messages Amazon sends.

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