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How do I use SKU Tags?

Do you need to send the same general email to all of your buyers, but want to include some information specific to the product they purchased? On most plan levels, you can do this using SKU Tags.

SKU Tags are short messages that correspond to specific SKUs or groups of SKUs. FeedbackFive can automatically insert the correct SKU Tag message into a general template when sending messages to buyers who purchased those SKUs.

For example, you may want to send all your buyers an email five days after delivery to request seller feedback. Most of your items are very easy to use, but one product requires some additional instructions. You can create a SKU Tag containing the instructions, specify the SKU of the item and then insert [[SkuTag]] into your seller feedback template where you want the instructions to appear. Only buyers who purchased that particular item will see the instructions, while emails to all other buyers will simply skip the SKU Tag and display the rest of the email.

Creating and Adding SKU Tags

First, create your individual SKU Messages:

  1. Open any template in the Advanced Editor. Click “Edit SKU Tags” on the right side to open the SKU Tag management page.FeedbackFive template editor showing how to edit SKU tags
  2. Click “Add a new SKU Tag” to open the SKU Tag editor.
  3. Type the content of your message. You can include Shortcut Tagsimages, links to PDF documents in the Document Library and anything else available in the main template editor. 
  4. Type or paste the SKU list to specify which SKU or SKUs this message corresponds to. One SKU should be listed per line.
  5. Click "Save Changes" to save your SKU Tag.
  6. To create additional tags for other SKUs, repeat steps 2-5.

To add your SKU Tag(s) to a template:

  1. Choose which template will contain the SKU Tag(s) and open it in the Advanced Editor.
  2. Choose the location for your SKU Tag within the message and place your cursor there. Use the Shortcut Tags drop-down selector to add the “SKU Tag” option or type or paste the tag [[SkuTag]].

Now, whenever this template is sent to a buyer, the correct SKU Tag(s) that correspond to the SKU(s) in their order will be displayed in the place where [[SkuTag]] is inserted. 

If the buyer purchased more than one item that has a SKU Tag, all corresponding SKU Tags will be displayed one after the other with a line break between each one. If a buyer placed an order that does not contain any items with corresponding SKU Tags, the buyer will simply see the rest of the template; no SKU Tag message will be shown.

Note: Each SKU Tag can be associated with more than one SKU, but no SKU can be associated with more than one SKU Tag.