Activate your Campaigns

Email campaigns in FeedbackFive are sets of rules that trigger an email template to be sent out automatically. Activate a campaign to start sending emails.

There are two types of campaigns: default campaigns (all plan levels) and custom campaigns (Pro and above). Default campaigns have basic rules built in, while custom campaigns can use more advanced rules to target certain groups of buyers.

Each campaign sends just one template, one time. (For more on templates, see Create your Templates.)

All campaigns are inactive by default when you create your account so that you can customize them before starting to send emails. (Note: We recommend activating only one default campaign, or creating custom campaigns that do not overlap so that each order receives only one email.)

How to Activate a Default Campaign (all plan levels)

  1. Go to Emails > Campaigns.
  2. Click the title of a campaign.
  3. Modify the timing options to suit your needs by clicking the drop-down menus in the “Send emails” section.
  4. Click “Save.”
  5. Return to the Campaigns page and toggle the “Inactive” switch to “Active.”

Note: Default campaigns can only be sent as the first email to an order. If the order has already received another email from FeedbackFive, the default campaign will not be sent. This is because Amazon only allows one request for feedback and/or a product review per order. Learn more.

How to Create a Custom Campaign (Pro & above)

  1. Go to Emails > Campaigns and click +CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN. This will open a blank Campaign Rules page.
  2. Add a title and description. (Your buyers will not see these.)
  3. Attach a template using the “Use this template” menu at the top right.
  4. Select timing options using the drop-down menus in the “Send emails” section.
  5. Add additional rules as needed using the “Add another rule” menu.

To learn more about custom rules and timing options, see Use Custom Campaign Rules.

Note: Campaigns that use the official Amazon Feedback and Review Request Template behave differently than other campaigns. Learn more here.