Using the Dashboard

The RestockPro Dashboard provides at-a-glance, interactive metrics about your store on the Amazon marketplace.


At the top of your RestockPro Dashboard, you’ll see tiles calculating certain key metrics about your inventory. Many of the tiles contained underlined values that may be clicked for more details.


  • Active SKUs - Your number of active SKUs

  • Total Inventory Value - the total value of your total inventory. Click the number to see what comprises it. You may customize how this value is calculated in your store settings.

  • Open Alerts - a small black oval in the top left corner tells you the number of items requiring restock and the number in the box tells you the total value of those items

  • Alerts > 7D - again, the small oval tells you the number of restock items that have been on alert for 7 days, the number in the box tells you the dollar value of those items

  • On Order - the number of orders currently in progress (that are not marked fully received). The number that displays in the box is the dollar value of the orders, but if you click it you can drill down to the On Order breakdown. This shows you the total quantities and costs of items that are received and not yet received. Click on the violet tile to view the orders on the Orders page

  • Local to Ship - the number of SKUs recommended to ship from Local Inventory to FBA to satisfy restocking needs

  • FBA Shipments - the number of FBA shipments inbound to Amazon, along with the dollar value of total shipments. Click the $ value to view the FBA Shipments breakdown. The breakdown shows the total cost of items that are received and not yet received. Click the green tile to view the FBA Shipments in the Orders Page.


In the left panel of the Dashboard, you’ll see the News section, which contains important updates related to your store, billing notifications, release notes for new versions of RestockPro and other important news.

On the right, you’ll see your Sales Activity Summary.

This section shows you your 7, 30 and 60 day summary of units sold and SKUs sold.


Under that, you’ll see the Top 20 Selling Items.

Then, you see Recent Restock Alerts.

And, finally, you’ll see Suppliers with Reorder Quantities. For each supplier you see the total suggested reorder, along with your set target order level and the order value that qualifies you for free freight. Suppliers are flagged with a ! icon if their reorder value is at or above the target. Click the supplier name to jump to that supplier’s products on the Restock Suggestions page.