Inventory Turn

The Inventory Turn report shows products that have sales and their turn ratios. Products with no sales are excluded from this report. Turn is the number of times your inventory rotates through the Amazon Fulfillment Center in a given time period.

You can find this report in the Reports section of the Dashboard.


For products that have a relatively high turn ratio, you should examine their out of stock history. If they have frequently been out of stock, consider stocking these more heavily. Otherwise, you know you are restocking these products efficiently.

Products that have a relatively low turn ratio are moving slowly. You should consider whether you are holding too much stock and whether you could reduce the price or remove the item from Amazon to avoid potential long-term storage fees. It is possible that the demand has decreased on the item as well.

Report Criteria


Time Period - filter all the products sold during the time period - 30 days, 60 days or 90 days

Exclude products that went out of stock or include all products, regardless of whether or not they went out of stock.

Grid Options

Click the “v” icon beside each column name to access options for sorting or hiding the column.

Click the icon on the upper right corner of the grid to access these options:

Export all data as CSV - export all data

Export visible data as CSV - export only the current page displayed

Columns - select columns to be visible or hidden