Supplier Performance Report

The Supplier Performance Report is intended to help you compare the performance of your suppliers and access aging information about your products by supplier. To access it, go to the Reports section on the left side of your Dashboard and choose the Supplier Performance report.


The upper grid shows a list of your suppliers, and the pie chart shows aging data across all suppliers. Click a supplier to see an analysis of their SKUs.


Supplier’s Grid


You’ll find the following on the Supplier’s Grid:

Supplier - you can click on the supplier name to display all the SKUs assigned to the supplier in the SKUs grid

# SKUs - the number of SKUs assigned to that supplier

# Units - the number of units you have on hand for that supplier

Total Cost - the total quantity on hand (QOH) times the supplier cost

Average EM based on 30D Sales - Average Estimated Margin for all the products that have positive QOH

Restocks EM % based on 30D Sales - Average Estimated Margin for all products that have positive QOH and positive EM

Qty > 270, 91 -180D, Etc. - Additional aging data is available by clicking the “gear” icon on the grid. Click the columns you would like to see within your grid. There are a variety of choices for different ranges of “aging.”

30D Sales - 30D average sales /day for the supplier


Once you click a supplier, the pie chart will narrow in on the aging categories for that supplier, and you will be able to see a breakdown of the SKUs in the lower grid. You may export the supplier and the SKUs grid information to CSV.