SKU Profitability

The SKU Profitability Report shows the historical estimated profitability for your SKUs. You can find this report in the Reports section of the Dashboard.


The report shows a list of SKUs with sales, estimated profitability and purchase history for a particular date range. The main grid lists the SKUs, and clicking the [+] expands to show a subgrid with the Purchase Order history of the SKU.

Report Criteria

At the top of the report, you can choose the date range.


You can choose to:


  • Only show SKUs with sales

  • Show all SKUs, with or without sales

  • Show FBA sales originating on Amazon

  • Show FBA sales originating on all fulfillment channels

There is also a search field so you can search for products directly.


Grid Options

Click the “v” icon beside each column name to access options for sorting or hiding a column. 

Click the icon on the upper right corner of the grid to access these options:

Export all data as CSV - export all SKU data (main grid only)

Export visible data as CSV - export only the current page of SKUs displayed (main grid only)

Export SKUs and POs as CSV - the resulting CSV will show the combined data from both grids.

You can select columns to be visible or hidden, or you can sort by computed columns.