Definitions of FeedbackFive Terms

A glossary of words you will see in FeedbackFive and what they mean. Use ctrl+F (or command+F) to search for a term.

ASIN: Amazon Standard Item Number; Amazon's unique product identifier.

Buyer-Seller Messaging (BSM): The system in Seller Central for sending emails between sellers and buyers. Messages can be sent one-by-one within Seller Central or from a regular email client (Amazon provides a disguised Buyer-Seller Messaging email address for each unique buyer-seller relationship). Or, emails can be sent from a tool like FeedbackFive, which connects to Seller Central via an API. Buyer-Seller Messages are fully customizable (within Amazon's policies), and are different from the official Amazon Feedback and Review Request.

Campaign: A set of rules that causes a template to be sent from FeedbackFive to Amazon buyers. Campaigns can be active (sending) or inactive (paused). Campaign rules specify which buyers will receive the template and when. Learn more about Campaign Rules.

Child ASIN: The ASIN for a variation of a product, e.g. a specific size or color.

Daily Email Limit: The maximum number of Buyer-Seller Messaging emails a seller may send in one day (five times the seller's daily order average plus 600).

Daily Order Average: The average number of orders a seller has received per day over the last seven days.

Delivery Date: The day the product arrives at the buyer's address. In FeedbackFive, this may be an exact delivery date based on tracking information, or the latest estimated date that Amazon expects the item to arrive.

Enhanced Feature Access: Permissions the seller grants through Seller Central, allowing FeedbackFive to access seller feedback data.

Feedback Removal Request: A message sent to a buyer who left a negative (three-star or lower) seller feedback rating, asking the buyer to remove or edit their feedback. One feedback removal request may be sent per order, after the issue mentioned by the buyer has been resolved.

Feedback Solicitation Email: The "from" address used by FeedbackFive to send Buyer-Seller Messaging emails. This email address must have permission (be "approved" or "registered") to send emails through the seller's Seller Central account. Learn more.

MWS: Marketplace Web Service, the older API that Amazon provided to allow FeedbackFive and other tools to connect to Seller Central to send messages, import order information, and more. This is being phased out in 2022 and replaced by the Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API). Either may be called "Amazon connection" or "Seller Central connection" on this Help Center.

Order Status: An indicator of seller or customer action on an Amazon order, such as "Solicited" or "Refund reported." Learn more about Order Statuses.

Parent ASIN: An identification number used to connect multiple related items, each of which has a child ASIN. For example, a seller sells a shirt with several size and color variations. The main shirt listing has a parent ASIN, and the variations each have a child ASIN. Buyers can only purchase the child ASINs, but FeedbackFive Product Review Management can monitor ratings and reviews on all variations by tracking the parent ASIN.

Pending: An order status showing that the order is scheduled to receive a Buyer-Seller Messaging email from FeedbackFive, because of either a campaign or a manually sent template.

Pending Amazon Request: An order status showing that the order is scheduled to receive an Amazon Request a Review message triggered by FeedbackFive, because of either a campaign or a manually sent official Amazon Feedback and Review Request template.

Product Rating: A one to five star rating left on a product by a buyer. Also called one-click rating, one-tap rating, or just rating.

Product Review: An optional written comment left on a product along with a rating of one to five stars. Also called just review.

Product Review Management: FeedbackFive features that allow sellers to monitor some or all of their ASINs in order to track the reviews and ratings on those products. Learn more about Product Review Management.

Seller Feedback: A one to five star rating, answers to yes/no question(s), and written comment about the buyer's experience with the seller and order. Seller feedback is displayed on the seller's Seller Profile page. Also called just feedback.

Selling Partner API (SP-API): The newer set of APIs that Amazon provides to allow FeedbackFive and other tools to connect to Seller Central to send messages, import order information, and more. This is also sometimes called the "Amazon connection" or "Seller Central connection" on this Help Center. FeedbackFive is being updated during 2022 to use the SP-API rather than the older MWS connection. Learn more.

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit; a seller-defined product identifier that can be set up in Seller Central.

Stricken Feedback: Seller feedback that is displayed on the Seller Profile page with a strike-through and a comment from Amazon, showing that the poor experience was due to Amazon and not the seller. Amazon strikes negative feedback automatically if it meets their criteria.

Template: Message content sent to buyers by FeedbackFive campaigns. Sellers may use default templates (either the official Amazon template or a Wizard template) or create their own custom templates. Templates will be personalized with each buyer's order number and other details automatically.