Monitor ASINs for Product Reviews

Product Review Management lets you view and analyze product reviews for ASINs you choose to monitor. You can also receive alerts for new reviews.

Monitor Product Reviews

Why do I need to specify certain ASINs?

Unlike seller feedback, product reviews are not tied directly to your Amazon seller account. Instead, reviews are connected only to the product listing itself. FeedbackFive can import the reviews on any item to your account once you specify the ASIN.

Which ASINs you monitor for reviews has no effect on what emails are sent or how many items you can request product reviews on. This is simply the list of items FeedbackFive will monitor reviews for. You can then choose to turn on alerts to receive a notification for every new negative or positive review on these items.

Most sellers choose to monitor all their private-label items, all their top-selling items or any items that do not yet have many positive reviews. However, you can monitor items for any reason and change which items you are monitoring at any time. (Some sellers even monitor competitors’ products or items they do not yet sell in order to research them!)

Add ASINs for Product Review Management

Follow these steps to start monitoring ASINs:

  1. Go to the Product Reviews page.
  2. Click on “Add/Remove ASINs” toward the top left.
  3. Select items from your catalog and click “Add selected items in ASIN list” or paste ASINs directly into the list on the left (one ASIN per line). Alternatively, click “Add all ASINs in my catalog.”
  4. Click “SAVE CHANGES.”

The selected items will now appear in your Product Reviews grid. The reviews left on those items in the last 90 days will be imported soon after. Then, FeedbackFive will import new reviews daily to build up a history of review data for you to analyze.

Tip: If you sell items with variations, you can add a single parent ASIN in order to monitor reviews on all child ASINs (variations) of that item. The parent ASIN will count as just one ASIN in your Product Review Management plan.

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