What is an Order Status?

On both the Order Data page and the Scheduling page, an order may be displayed with one or more statuses. Learn what each status means below.

You can use faceted navigation to filter orders by status on each page and learn more about your audience.

Below is a list of all statuses and what they mean.

Amazon Opt Out: The buyer has been added to our database of buyers who have opted out through their Amazon accounts. Learn more: 

Canceled: Amazon reported that the order was canceled. These orders are excluded from all campaigns on the Pro plan and above.

Checkout By Amazon: The order was placed on another website, but the buyer used their Amazon payment information to complete the transaction. These orders can be excluded on the General Exclusions page (see Emails > Exclusions > General).

Do Not Solicit: The seller marked the order as Do Not Solicit.

Negative/Neutral Feedback Received: The buyer has left negative (1-star or 2-star) or neutral (3-star) feedback for the order.

Not Scheduled: The order is not currently eligible to receive any emails based on the email campaign rules, OR the order has not yet been scheduled to receive an email. Once it is scheduled, the status will change to “Pending.”

Out of Country: The order has a Ship To country that is outside the home country of the Amazon domain. You can exclude these orders on the General Exclusions page.

Opted Out - Seller: The seller excluded this buyer from all emails. You can do this by choosing "Do Not Solicit Buyer for Any Order" on the Orders page, uploading the Amazon email address using Exclude by Order Number OR via Exclusion by Email.

Pending: The order is eligible for an email solicitation from an active email campaign OR has been selected to Send Manually.

Positive FB Received: The buyer has left positive (4-star or 5-star) seller feedback for the order.

Refund Reported: The order was reported by Amazon as refunded. (Note: FeedbackFive depends on Amazon for refund information. Amazon may report this 3-10 days after the refund is issued.)

Repeat Buyer: FeedbackFive has imported previous orders for this buyer from the same store.

SKU Exclusion: The seller has added a SKU from the order to the SKU Exclusions list. Once a SKU is added, ALL orders containing that SKU will be excluded from email solicitations. However, when a SKU is removed from the exclusion list, orders that were previously marked as Do Not Solicit because of the SKU exclusion will still be excluded.  Orders imported after the SKU was removed will be eligible for solicitations.

Solicited: The order received an email based on the active email campaign rules OR a template that was sent manually.