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How do I use Custom Campaign Rules?

On the Pro plan level and above, FeedbackFive allows you to use campaign rules to target or exclude specific groups of buyers and time your emails more precisely.

Go to Emails > Campaigns, click on a custom campaign (or create a new one) and use the "Add another rule" menu to add custom rules. Select custom timing options in the "Send emails" section.

List of rule options for custom campaigns:

Email Timing: Send emails a selected number of days after either the Order Date, Delivery Date, Feedback Received Date, Product Review Received Date, Last Email or Another Campaign at a selected time of day. (Time of day is in U.S. Eastern Standard/Daylight Time. To learn more about campaign timing, click here.)

...and send ONLY to orders created within the last [number] days: Send emails retroactively when you first set up a campaign to solicit your past buyers. You can choose to “catch up” on orders placed in the last 32 days (maximum) to 3 days (minimum). 

Note: This number must be at least one day larger than the number of days after the order date that the campaign will be sent, or else the campaign cannot be sent out. (For example, if you set up a campaign to go out 2 days after the delivery date and delivery typically takes up to 5 days from when the order is placed, set this rule to at least 8 days to guarantee sending.)

Note: Amazon does not allow emails to be sent more than 30 days after order completion. To comply with this guideline, FeedbackFive's campaign rules cannot be set to more than 30 days after delivery date or 32 days after order date.


Send for orders that contain/do not contain SKUs/ASINs in this list: Send for orders that contain or do not contain SKUs or ASINs in a specified list, which can be typed, pasted or selected from your catalog in a pop-up window. Note: You can add any number of ASINs or SKUs to this list. This is not limited by your Product Review Management plan or service plan level.

Send if the Fulfillment Channel is: Send only for orders that use a particular Fulfillment Channel:

  • FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon
  • nonFBA / MFN - Merchant Fulfilled

Send to repeat buyers?: Send to or exclude buyers who have ordered from your store before: 

  • Only: Send only or a buyer’s second or following order from your store.
  • Never: Send only for a buyer’s first order from your store.
  • Once only: Send only for a buyer’s second order from your store.

Send if the number of previous emails for the order is: Send if the number of previous emails for the order is greater than, less than or equal to a number from 0 to 3. (Note: This rule only counts emails sent through FeedbackFive.)

Send if the seller feedback received is: Send ONLY when the Seller Feedback has been left and is a certain rating or ratings or has NOT yet been received.


  • You must initiate Enhanced Feature Access to select the 4- and 5-star ratings for this rule. 
  • Default Seller Feedback Request campaigns already include this rule with “has not been received” selected on Pro and above.
  • Amazon’s policy prohibits requesting product reviews only from buyers who have had a positive experience.

    Email sent from specific campaign?: Send if an email has been sent from another specific FeedbackFive campaign, or send only if an email has NOT been sent from a certain other campaign or campaigns. (This rule is helpful if you have turned off an old campaign and are starting a new one and do not want buyers to receive both campaigns.)

    Send only on these days: Send only on the selected days of the week. If you add this rule and select only Monday through Friday, for example, emails that would otherwise be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday will be delayed until the following Monday.

    Orders with multiple SKUs: Send if an order does or does not contain more than one different item.

    • YES: Send if the order contains more than one different SKU.
    • NO: Send if the order contains only one SKU.

    Do not send if the BUYER has received an email: Do not send if the buyer has received an email from your FeedbackFive account for any order during the selected number of days (the maximum is 90).

    Send to refunded orders?: Never send for orders for which Amazon has reported a refund, or send only for these orders. (Note: Default campaigns have this rule with NEVER selected already included on Pro and above.)

    Send if an order is/is not for any of these states/provinces: (Only available for Amazon.com stores.) Send only if an order is or is not for any of the selected states or other U.S. territories in the list. “Outside the United States” is also an option.

    Send for orders with item price: Send only for orders with a price equal to or between selected price(s). Each marketplace will have price options shown in the local currency.

    Send for orders with discounts: Send only for orders with discounts equal to or between selected amount(s) in local currency or percentage(s).

    Send for order numbers ending in: Send for orders whose Amazon order number ends in selected digits (0-9). This rule allows you to randomly segment your orders and send different campaigns to different percentages of your buyers (e.g. selecting 0-4 will send the email for approximately 50% of your orders).