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How do I use Custom Campaign Rules in FeedbackFive?

On most plan levels, FeedbackFive allows you to use campaign rules to target or exclude specific groups of buyers and time your emails more precisely.

  1. Go to Emails > Campaigns.
  2. Click on the title of a custom campaign (or create a new one).
  3. Add or change the template using the template drop-down, if desired.
  4. Adjust the timing in the timing section.
  5. Click "Add Rule" at the bottom of the Rules section to apply rules.

List of rule options for custom campaigns:

Send emails [number] days after [event]: Send the email a selected number of days after any of the following:

  • Order Date: Date the buyer made the purchase, according to Amazon's reports.
  • Delivery Date: Date the buyer has received/will receive the package, according to Amazon's tracking information (FBA orders) or estimated delivery window (MFN orders).
  • Last Email: Date the buyer received any other FeedbackFive email.
    • Note: Amazon does not allow you to send more than one request for feedback and/or a review per order. This rule should only be used if one of your emails is for another purpose necessary to fulfill the order.
  • Another Campaign: Date the buyer received a specific other FeedbackFive campaign, which you select from a sub-menu.

Note: Requests for feedback and/or reviews should be sent between 5 and 30 days after the delivery date, according to Amazon's policy. If you choose to base your email timing on a different date option, make sure the email will still comply with this policy.

...at [time]: The time of day the email will be sent. This time is in US Eastern Standard/Daylight Time. To learn more about campaign timing, click here.

Priority: This decides which campaign will be sent if two campaigns are scheduled on the same day for the same order, or which will be sent on time if the Daily Email Limit prevents sending everything as scheduled. Click the drop-down to see a pop-up where you can view all your campaigns and drag to reorder their priority.


Rule Options

Tip: Use CTRL+F (or Command+F on Mac) to search for a specific rule in the list below.

If the buyer's preferred language is not [default language]: If a buyer prefers a language that is not the default for the marketplace, FeedbackFive will not send a Buyer-Seller Messaging template to that buyer. Select whether you want FeedbackFive to send the official Amazon request template instead, which will be translated to the buyer's preferred language automatically by Amazon, or send nothing (do not solicit). All campaigns have this rule to comply with Amazon's guidelines to send emails in the buyer's preferred language. Learn more.

Send only to orders created within the last [number] days: By default, FeedbackFive will send emails retroactively for any orders that are still eligible, i.e. orders delivered less than 30 days ago. Add this rule if you prefer not to send for older orders. You can limit the campaign to orders placed less than 3 days ago or up to 90 days ago.


  • Amazon does not allow requests to be sent more than 30 days after order completion (delivery). To comply with this guideline, FeedbackFive will automatically exclude any orders that are 30 days past the delivery date from all further emails, even if you have added this rule with a higher number. If your orders are experiencing severe shipping delays, an order placed 60 or 90 days ago might still have been delivered less than 30 days ago, and this rule lets you decide whether to send for those older orders or not.
  • Be careful not to set the number on this rule so low that it cancels out the timing settings above. For example, if you set up a campaign to go out 5 days after the delivery date, and delivery typically takes 2 days from when the order is placed, set this rule to at least 8 days to guarantee your email can be sent.

    Send for specific products: Send for orders that contain or do not contain SKUs or ASINs in a specified list or with a specified pattern. If you choose "in this list," you can type or paste your list into the list field, or select items from your catalog in a searchable pop-up window. If you choose a pattern, you can type or paste a string of characters that occur in multiple SKUs in your catalog, e.g. a whole product line or brand.


    Note: You can add any number of ASINs or SKUs to this list. This is not limited by your Product Review Management plan or service plan level.

    Send or not send to refunded orders: Choose NEVER to send or ONLY to send for orders for which Amazon has reported a refund.

    Note: Default campaigns have this rule with NEVER selected already included on Pro and above. We recommend adding this rule with NEVER selected on feedback and review request campaigns to avoid causing a further negative experience for a buyer who got a refund.

    Send based on number of previous emails: Send if the number of previous emails for the order is greater than, less than, or equal to a number from 0 to 4. You can set this rule to 0 to ensure a new campaign will not send emails to buyers who already received an old campaign.


    • This rule only counts emails sent through FeedbackFive, not those sent directly through Buyer-Seller Messaging.
    • Amazon prohibits sending more than one request for feedback and/or a review per order. You should only set this number higher than zero if you need to send an email for another purpose necessary to fulfilling the order.

      Do not send if the buyer has received an email: Do not send if the buyer has received any email from your FeedbackFive account for any order during the selected number of days (the maximum is 90). Use this rule to make sure repeat buyers do not get annoyed by receiving too many emails within a short period of time.

      Send to repeat buyers: Send to or exclude buyers who have ordered from your store before, or send only for a buyer's second order from your store. Use this rule to make sure repeat buyers get any necessary product information just once, or to send a special review or feedback request to repeat buyers.

      Send if Seller Feedback received is: Send when seller feedback of a certain rating/ratings has already been left on the order, or send only if seller feedback has not yet been received for the order. For seller feedback requests, use this with "Has not been received" selected so that buyers who already left feedback on their own don't get an unnecessary email. For other types of emails, you can use this rule to exclude buyers who left negative feedback or to follow up with buyers who left specific feedback ratings (for example, offer help to buyers who left negative seller feedback).


      • Default Seller Feedback Request campaigns already include this rule with “has not been received” selected on most plan levels.
      • You must initiate Enhanced Feature Access to select the 4- and 5-star ratings for this rule.
      • Amazon’s policy prohibits requesting product reviews only from buyers who have had a positive experience. Do not use this rule to send review requests only to buyers who left positive feedback.

        Send for FBA or MFN: Send only for orders that use a particular Fulfillment Channel. You can use this rule to send campaigns with different timing for each Fulfillment Channel due to differences in shipping speeds.

        Send only on certain days: Send only on the selected days of the week. If you add this rule and select only Monday through Friday, for example, emails that would otherwise be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday will be delayed until the following Monday. For best practices, see What day should I send my FeedbackFive emails?

        Send to random test group (based on last digit of Order ID): Send for orders whose Amazon order number ends in selected digits (0-9). This rule allows you to randomly segment your orders and send different campaigns to portions of your buyers (e.g. selecting 0-4 will send the email for approximately 50% of your orders). Learn more about testing campaigns.


        Send if email sent from specific campaign: Send if an email has or has not been sent from another specific FeedbackFive campaign or campaigns. You can use this rule to avoid overlap if you have turned off an old campaign and are starting a new one for the same purpose.

        Send for orders with multiple SKUs: Send only if an order does or does not contain more than one different item. If you send any product-specific emails, use this rule set to "one SKU" on each product-specific campaign to make sure that buyers who purchased several items do not get emails for each of those products. You can also set up a special campaign just for multi-SKU orders.

        Send for orders with discounts: Send only for orders with discounts equal to or between selected amount(s) in local currency or percentage(s). Set this to 0% to avoid sending to discounted orders.

        Send for orders with specific item price: Send only for orders with a price equal to or between selected price(s). Each marketplace will have price options shown in the local currency.

        Send if order is for specific states/provinces: (Only available for Amazon.com stores.) Send only if an order is or is not for any of the selected states or other U.S. territories in the list. “Outside the United States” is also an option. You can use this rule to avoid sending a specific email for out-of-country orders (rather than excluding those from all emails) or to send campaigns at different times for different regions.