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How can I send messages in the buyer's preferred language?

FeedbackFive uses a campaign rule to allow you to send the Amazon Request a Review message (which is automatically translated) or to exclude any buyer whose preferred language is not the default for the selected marketplace.

Amazon’s Communication Guidelines require messages to be in the buyer’s preferred language. A buyer may prefer a language that is not the default for the marketplace in which they placed their order: for example, a buyer may prefer Spanish and purchase on Amazon.com, where the default language is English. In this situation, Amazon requires you not to send messages in English to this customer.

With FeedbackFive, you can choose to send the official Amazon Feedback and Review Request to this customer because it is automatically translated into the buyer's language of preference, or you can choose simply to exclude that buyer from your campaign.

To select either option:

  1. Go to Emails > Campaigns.
  2. Click the title of your campaign.
  3. On the Campaign Rules page, you can see the default language for the marketplace and choose either to exclude buyers with a different preferred language or to have FeedbackFive send the Amazon Request a Review message to those buyers instead.

Campaign rules buyer preferred language option in FeedbackFive

You can also see the preferred language for each order in the Language column on the Scheduling page.

Box around the language column on the scheduling page in FeedbackFive