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What day should I send my FeedbackFive requests?

FeedbackFive allows you to send requests a certain number of days after order date or delivery date and/or on particular days of the week.

Days after Order/Delivery Date

The best day to send your requests depends on your business: what products you are selling, your shipping speed, whether you are requesting feedback or reviews and more.

There are two general principles you can follow:

  • Request seller feedback soon after the delivery date.
  • Request product reviews once the buyer has had time to try the product and see benefit from it.
    • For small, everyday, or low-cost items, send 5-7 days after delivery.
    • For larger, complex, or higher-cost items, send 7-14 days after delivery.
    • For items that show benefit over time, such as supplements or hair treatments, send 14-30 days after delivery.

Note: Amazon does not allow messages to be sent more than 30 days after order completion. To comply with this guideline, FeedbackFive will not allow campaigns to be sent more than 30 days after delivery date or more than 32 days after order date.

On most plan levels, you can base your email timing on the delivery date rather than the order date, ensuring that all your buyers will receive the email a consistent number of days after receiving the product.

If you are on the Free or Basic plan (Lite Legacy, Basic Legacy or Standard Legacy), make sure to send your campaigns long enough after the order date to allow for all possible shipping speeds.

If you sell via Fulfillment by Amazon, many orders will arrive in two days because buyers are Prime members. However, non-Prime buyers will still see shipping times of 4-7 days or more, depending on the situation. Check your Scheduling page to see the delivery dates or estimated delivery dates FeedbackFive has imported from Amazon, then choose your campaign timing accordingly.

Days of the Week

On most plan levels, you can use the campaign rule “Send only on these days” to select certain days of the week. Otherwise, the campaigns will be sent every day of the week based on the timing settings.

Successful sellers usually send either all days of the week or most weekdays, such as Tuesday-Friday. You can also look at the Orders Overview page to see what days of the week seems to have the highest numbers of orders and send campaigns on those days.