How do I see my open rate?

Email Campaign Analytics allows you to view the open rate of your campaigns, which can help you know if your subject line and timing are effective for your buyers.

 The following metrics are tracked for each Buyer-Seller Messaging campaign*:

  • Emails sent: the number of outbound emails sent for a specific campaign.
  • Emails opened: the number of recipients who opened an email to read it.

Email opens are counted only once per recipient, even if the email is opened multiple times.

The Email Campaign Analytics feature is available for Buyer-Seller Messaging campaigns if you are on the Pro plan or higher.* On the Emails > Campaigns page, you can see the total number of emails sent and the percentage opened for each campaign (in the last 90 days). You will also have access to the Campaign Analytics page, which gives you a more detailed breakdown of the open rate over time.


Users at the Free and Basic (Lite Legacy, Basic Legacy and Standard Legacy) plan levels can upgrade at any time to see their analytics.

Campaign Analytics page

On the Emails > Campaigns page, click "View Analytics" to open the Campaign Analytics page for any Buyer-Seller Messaging campaign.* There you can see the number or percentage of emails opened in the last 7, 30 or 90 days in a line graph, bar graph and donut graph. 

You can show/hide each metric in the graph for convenience. You can also see the name and timing settings of the selected campaign. 

Use the drop-down menu to select another campaign to view or access the Campaign Rules page to view and change the active rules for the campaign. 

Other useful statistics and summaries are displayed on this page:

  • Total emails sent
  • Total unique opens
  • Average emails sent per day
  • Percentage of recipients who opened the email



Like the other graphs, you can toggle the specific periods (last 7, 30, and 90 day) that will be displayed for the % values, and the summary details.

More Information:

If your open rate is 0% or nearly 0%, see Why aren't buyers opening my emails?

If your open rate is above 0% but low (under 25%-30%), check out our best practices on subject lines and email timing:

 *Note: Open rates and analytics are not available for campaigns using the official Amazon Feedback and Review Request template. Learn more.