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Can I exclude some SKUs from my emails?

If a certain SKU has an issue, you can make sure orders for that SKU won't receive any FeedbackFive emails.

Exclusions are settings that allow you to easily prevent certain types of orders from receiving emails.

On most plan levels, you can exclude orders containing certain SKUs on the Exclusions > By SKU tab. Any order containing one or more SKUs in the SKU Exclusions list will be excluded from all campaigns.

Note: This will exclude orders containing these SKUs from all FeedbackFive campaigns. To exclude a SKU from a specific campaign rather than all campaigns, use the campaign rule “Send for specific products.”

Turn on SKU Exclusions

  1. On the Top Navigation, click Emails > Exclusions.
  2. On the SKU Exclusions tab, click “+Add SKU(s)” to open a popup where you can enter a list of SKUs to exclude.
  3. Type or paste a list of SKUs to exclude. List 1 SKU per line. (Note: Be sure to enter your SKUs, not Amazon ASINs.) Click “Save Changes” to add the SKUs to the list of excluded SKUs.

To remove a SKU from the list, click the delete icon on the right. To remove all SKUs from the list, click “Delete all SKUs.”

Note: Once a SKU is added, all orders containing that SKU will be excluded from email solicitations. When a SKU is removed from the exclusion list, orders that were previously marked as Do Not Solicit because of the SKU exclusion will still be excluded. Orders imported after the SKU was removed will be eligible for solicitations.

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