What is FeedbackFive FastTrack?

For a limited time, FeedbackFive offers new plans that are ideal for getting more product reviews faster.

Who can use FeedbackFive FastTrack?

Anyone who is new to FeedbackFive (no current users or reactivators) and has a professional Seller Central account. 

Note: If you have a Vendor Central account, you can also sign up, but you will only be able to track product reviews. Amazon doesn't provide Vendor Central accounts the ability to use the other features.

What features does FeedbackFive FastTrack include?

FeedbackFive FastTrack allows you to:

  • Send the Request a Review message, which asks for product reviews and seller feedback.
  • Target the review request to orders with specific SKUs, repeat buyers, etc.
  • Time the request perfectly for your product, between five and 30 days after delivery (per Amazon's policy).
  • Exclude late, out-of-country, canceled, and refunded orders from review requests.
  • Avoid Buyer-Seller Messaging restrictions (because the Request a Review message is always compliant with the Amazon Communication Guidelines).
    • Tip: Even if Amazon has already restricted your Buyer-Seller Messages, you can still send the Request a Review message without any problems!
  • Track reviews on your ASINs.
  • Get alerts when you receive new reviews, whether positive, negative, or both (optional).
  • Track seller feedback and get alerts for new feedback (optional).
  • Analyze sales numbers, refunds, repeat buyers, multi-unit orders, and more by SKU or by day (learn more).
  • Add an unlimited number of users to the account.
  • Add as many international Amazon marketplaces as you want, at no extra charge. (NOTE: FeedbackFive supports 17 Amazon marketplaces.)

Is there anything the FastTrack plans do not include?

Yes. The FastTrack plans do not allow you to:

  • Send customizable Buyer-Seller Messaging emails, whether to request reviews and feedback, send product instructions, or anything else.
  • Add more than one Amazon Seller Central account for the same region (without creating a separate account with its own subscription plan).
  • Create multiple campaigns with different timing and targeting rules.

If you're interested in those features, try one of the standard FeedbackFive plans.

How much do the FastTrack plans cost?

FeedbackFive FastTrack offers several plan levels based on how many requests you need to send (see below for details). Because the Request a Review message can only be sent once per order, look at the average number of orders you get per month and choose the plan that fits best. A small overage fee (see rates below) will be charged for requests that go beyond your plan limit.

Number of Requests

Monthly Subscription Charge

Overage Fee per Request



$0.0033 (1/3 cent!)




















Each plan also includes the ability to track up to 50 ASINs for free, or add on extra ASINs at the prices shown below:

ASINs for Tracking

Monthly Price

















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