How do I see FeedbackFive email analytics?

Hover over Emails (or FeedbackFive) in the top navigation and select Analytics to see the results generated by your campaigns.

The Campaign Analytics page shows you a graph of orders or emails sent compared to either reviews, total ratings, or feedback received to help you understand whether a particular campaign or all campaigns improved your metrics.


Use the drop-downs at the top of the page to:

  • Select the campaign for which you want to see results, or choose “All Campaigns.” To help you find the campaign you want to see, the campaigns are labeled:
    • Active: currently sending messages, with the date the campaign was activated.
    • Inactive: not currently sending messages, but was active in the past, with the date the campaign was deactivated.
    • Never Active: Never sent messages. Never Active campaigns cannot be selected.
    • Emails sent in the last 90 days: The campaigns that sent the most emails in the last 90 days will be near the top of the list.
    • Buyer-Seller Message: The template for this campaign is sending emails through the Buyer-Seller Messaging system.
    • Amazon Request: The template for this campaign is the Amazon Request a Review message.
  • Select the time period you want to see: seven, 30, 60, or 90 days
  • Select the granularity: daily or weekly
    • Weekly is usually best if your time period is set to 60 days or more
    • Daily is usually best if your time period is set to seven or 30 days

Use the drop-down within the graph to select the type of rating you want to see compared to emails: Product Reviews or Seller Feedback.

  • After selecting Product Reviews, you can choose to view written reviews, total ratings (including star ratings that do not include review comments), or average rating.


  • To see accurate product review and rating results, you must monitor all the ASINs for which you have requested reviews. Scroll down to the Products Grid and check the box next to an ASIN to begin monitoring it. For more information, see Monitor ASINs for Product Reviews
  • To see accurate seller feedback results, you must set up Enhanced Feature Access (available on most plan levels). See E.U. instructions here and instructions for other marketplaces here.


Here are the data points you can see on the Campaign Analytics graph:

  • Orders: the number of orders received for all ASINs or selected ASIN(s)
  • Emails: the number of Buyer-Seller Messaging emails or Amazon Request a Review messages sent by the campaign selected, or by all campaigns combined
  • Seller Feedback: the number of seller feedback ratings received on orders that were solicited by the selected campaign(s)
  • Product Reviews: the number of product reviews on the items that are being monitored for Product Review Management and that are included in the orders solicited by the selected campaign(s)
  • Total Ratings: the total number of product ratings (including written reviews and one-click star ratings) on the ASINs that are being monitored for Product Review Management and that are included in the orders solicited by the selected campaign(s)

Event Markers also show you events that impacted your metrics, such as adding more ASINs for monitoring or activating a campaign.

Currently, Amazon does not allow sellers to track opens and clicks on their messages.

Products Metrics Table

Below the Campaign Analytics graph is a grid showing the products that were included in the selected campaign(s). In this grid, you can see:

  • Product details: title, image, ASIN, and SKU
  • Avg rating: the average product rating calculated by Amazon, based on the product reviews and star ratings
  • Total ratings: total number of product reviews and star ratings on the ASIN
  • Emails: the number of emails sent for this product
  • Orders: the number of orders containing this product
  • Reviews +/-: number of positive and negative product reviews on the ASIN
  • Feedback +/-: number of positive and negative seller feedback ratings on orders containing this item

Click the title of each column to see sorting options. On the far right, you can also check or uncheck the box for "Track ASIN" to start or stop monitoring the ASIN with Product Review Management.

You can also download a CSV of this table to analyze it in a spreadsheet.


Use the data points in the Campaign Analytics graph and the Product Metrics Table to understand whether your campaign is performing well as-is or may need improvements.

  • If positive reviews or feedback increase when the emails increase, the campaign is performing well.
  • If only negative ratings increase, or if there is no noticeable change in reviews or feedback that corresponds to the emails, the campaign may need improvement. Use this Account Health Checklist to improve your email subject lines, content, and timing for better results.
  • If a particular product gets more negative reviews or is associated with more negative seller feedback as a result of the emails, consider excluding it from your campaign until you can resolve the underlying reasons for the negative ratings.