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How can I see the email schedule?

Go to Emails > Scheduling to see the “timeline” for each order: when it was placed, its estimated delivery date, and the date it received (or will receive) a campaign.

If your campaigns are active and have pending emails, you can see when those emails will be sent and what orders they will be sent for from the Scheduling page. You can also take action on selected orders from this page.


Select some orders using the checkboxes on the left and then click the "Actions" menu to do the following things:

  • Send Emails Manually: Solicit selected orders with a template right away. Orders set to this action will automatically change to Pending status.
  • Do Not Solicit Selected Orders: Exclude certain orders from solicitation. These orders will then have a status of Do Not Solicit (DNS).
  • Do Not Solicit Buyer for Any Order: Exclude certain buyers from solicitation, on current or future orders. All orders placed by this buyer will then have a status of Do Not Solicit (DNS).
  • Remove “Do Not Solicit”: Remove a status of Do Not Solicit so that the order or buyer can receive campaigns again.


Use the Search bar and the faceted navigation to filter for orders with a specific date, feedback rating, Status, campaign, fulfillment channel (FBA or MFN) or Do Not Solicit mark.

Learn more about Order Statuses here.

Want to learn more about your business performance? See the Orders Overview and Order Data pages.