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Why are some of my emails not delivered?

Amazon allows buyers to opt out of receiving seller messages. This is normal.

After starting to send emails from FeedbackFive, most sellers start to receive messages from Amazon saying:

We were unable to deliver the message you sent for order [order number] because the buyer has chosen to opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from sellers.

It is normal to receive this message one or more times whenever a batch of FeedbackFive emails is sent. There is no problem with your FeedbackFive account, and you are not violating any Amazon policies.

This message simply means that one or more of your buyers have changed a setting in their Amazon account so that they do not receive unsolicited emails from sellers. This is similar to the standard “Unsubscribe” option for any email list and helps ensure that every buyer receives only the messages they are interested in.

Can I bypass the opt-out and get my emails through to these buyers?

Amazon provides ways for sellers to send critical messages even to buyers who have opted out. Critical messages are:

  • Product customization questions
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Issues with a shipping address

These messages can be sent directly through your email client by including the word [Important] (with square brackets) in the subject line  or through Seller Central by selecting the message type "Additional Information Required."

Any other type of message, including feedback and review requests, are considered non-critical. For this reason, FeedbackFive cannot bypass the opt-out. Do not try to send non-critical messages such as feedback and review requests to buyers who have opted out. 

Will I be penalized by Amazon if FeedbackFive sends emails to buyers who opted out?

No. If FeedbackFive tries to send an email to a buyer who opted out, Amazon will simply block the email and notify you that it has not been delivered.

Can I exclude buyers who opted out so that my emails don't go to waste?

Yes, FeedbackFive has a way to stop sending emails from buyers who have opted out, after the first message is blocked. Simply send these opt-out notifications to optout@mail.feedbackfive.com in order to add these buyers to our opt-out database. Your FeedbackFive account will never send emails to buyers in the database again.

For more information on Amazon’s opt-out policy and the easiest way to forward your opt-out notifications to the database, see How can I exclude buyers who have opted out?

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