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How should I request product reviews?

Amazon allows sellers to request product reviews, as long as they adhere to certain guidelines.

Am I allowed to ask directly for a product review?

Yes, sellers may request product reviews in a neutral manner, no more than one time per order.

Can I offer an incentive in exchange for reviews?

Amazon strictly prohibits incentivized reviews. This means you may not offer a free product, discount, coupon code or reward of any kind in exchange for a product review.

This is still forbidden even if you ask for an honest review (rather than only a positive review).

How should I phrase my review request?

Amazon prohibits specifically asking for positive reviews or asking for reviews only from buyers who had a positive experience.

Here are some examples of things you may NOT say when requesting a product review:

  • “Will you please leave a positive review?”
  • “Please leave a 5-star review.”
  • “If you like our product, please leave a review.”
  • “If anything went wrong with your order, please contact us so we can help. However, if everything went well, please leave a product review.”

Hint: It can be difficult to know whether your message is compliant with these guidelines. You can make things easier by using the official Amazon Feedback and Review Request template instead!

    Whom should I request reviews from?

    You can request reviews from any Amazon buyers who have purchased your item. However, you may not request reviews only from buyers who have had a positive experience.

    For example, you should not send product review requests only to buyers who have already left positive feedback. Send them to all your buyers or to a broader group of them. (For example, you can use the campaign rule “Send for order numbers ending in” to send a review request to a random subset of your buyers.)

    Can I ask a buyer to change a negative review?

    Amazon does not allow you to ask a buyer to change or remove a product review.

    If you are brand registered, you may respond to a negative review. Messages must comply with Amazon's Community Guidelines and Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct.

    Tip: Don’t worry too much about a few negative reviews. They can actually be beneficial for your business. Learn more here: How to Turn Negative Reviews into an Asset.

    Amazon References

    For more details on these policies, see Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct and scroll down to “Ratings, Feedback, and Reviews.”