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What Product Review Management plan do I need?

Choose a plan that allows you to monitor all the ASINs you are requesting reviews for so you can track your results.

How many ASINs should I monitor?

Ideally, you should monitor all the ASINs you are requesting product reviews for. This will give you an accurate picture of how successful your campaigns are and allow you to receive alerts when you get new reviews.

If you cannot monitor all your items, you should choose the items that are the most important, have the highest sales or have the most negative reviews (so that you can monitor the progress and address the negative reviews).

How do I change my Product Review Management plan?

If you are the account owner, you can change your Product Review Management plan by clicking your username at the top right corner and selecting Account. Choose a plan from the drop-down menu labeled “Add Product Review Management.”

Every service plan comes with a free Product Review Management plan

  • If you have a FastTrack plan, or if your plan is auto-selected based on order volume, you can monitor up to 50 ASINs for free.
  • If you have a legacy plan (such as Basic, Pro, or Enterprise), your number of free ASINs will vary. Check the drop-down menu on your Account page for details.

If you need to monitor more ASINs than your free plan allows, you can upgrade your Product Review Management plan for an additional cost.

Product Review Management Plan Information

Note: This table shows the Product Review Management add-on plans that are available with the most recent, orders-based FeedbackFive and SellerPulse plan levels. If you signed up before 2024, check the drop-down on your Account page to verify what plans and prices are available to you, or contact us with any questions.

Number of ASINs Price per month (USD)
Up to 50 $0
Up to 100 $4
Up to 250 $9
Up to 500 $19
Up to 1000 $39
Up to 2500 $59
Up to 5000 $79
Up to 10,000 $99
Up to 20,000 $149
Up to 40,000 $199
Up to 60,000 $249

Want to monitor even more? Contact us to ask whether we can accommodate your needs.