What can I do on the Product Reviews pages?

Go to REVIEWS > ASIN Tracker to see an overview of Product Review features & control which ASINs you're tracking. Go to REVIEWS > Product Reviews to see all reviews on items you're tracking and take action on them.

ASIN Tracker Page Features

Besides adding ASINs for Product Review Management, you can view and analyze your products' reviews and ratings in various ways.

Products Table

Items in your catalog are shown in a grid with their basic information (image, ASIN with a link to the Amazon listing page, SKU, and parent ASIN if applicable) and a checkbox on the far right that allows you to start or stop tracking the ASIN.

Note: When you first sign up and connect to Amazon, FeedbackFive automatically tracks your top selling ASINs for you, up to the number of ASINs included with your plan level. You can update the list of tracked ASINs anytime. If you want to track more ASINs, you can upgrade your Product Review Management plan for a small fee.

You can filter the grid to show information for a certain time period--last 7, 30, 60, or 90 days--and to show all ASINs, only ASINs you are currently tracking or not tracking, ASINs that have been ordered in the selected time period, or all ASINs currently in your catalog.


If you filter by all ASINs or ordered ASINs, the ASINs you are currently tracking will be displayed first for easy analysis.

If you are tracking an ASIN, you will also see the following information:

  • Avg rating: The average star rating of the item, as calculated by Amazon. This factors in both ratings and written reviews.
  • Total ratings: The total number of star ratings and written reviews, as calculated by Amazon.
  • Reviews +/-: The number of written product reviews the ASIN has received in the selected time period, broken down by positive (four and five stars) and negative (three stars and below).
  • Last Review: The date of the most recent review of the ASIN.
  • Orders: The number of orders you have received for this ASIN in the selected time period.

Reviews and Ratings Graph

This graph shows the number of positive and negative product reviews received on the ASINs you're tracking in the time period selected at the top of the page (last 7, 30, 60, or 90 days), compared to the number of total ratings received. This shows you whether more of your buyers leave written reviews or just star ratings. It also provides a complete picture of the reputation of the ASINs you're tracking.

Or, you can click the Product Reviews drop-down to switch to Average Rating instead. This compares the average rating of your ASINs to the total number of ratings so that you can see whether increased ratings are driving your average rating up or down. You can see this graph broken down by day or by week.

You can also view this graph for only one ASIN rather than all. To do this, go up to the Products table and click the graph icon to the left of an ASIN you're tracking. Click the graph icon at the top of the table to go back to viewing data for all tracked ASINs.


Features of the Reviews page

Use the tabs at the top of the ASIN Tracker page or the PRODUCT REVIEWS drop-down menu to switch to the Product Reviews page.


At the top of the page are some visuals to help you analyze your reviews. The drop-down menu on the left side adjusts the time frame for all the charts: 7, 30, or 90 days, or All Time.

90-day review analytics for ASINs tracked in FeedbackFive

Number of Reviews: The total number of product reviews received in the selected time frame, along with the number of positive and negative. Adjust the time frame with a drop-down menu.

Top Reviewed Products: The five ASINs that are getting the most reviews, along with the number of reviews received within the selected time frame and bars showing the proportion of positive to negative reviews.

New Product Reviews: A graph showing positive and negative reviews over time. You can see this graph by week or by day using a drop-down selector.


Written reviews on ASINs you're tracking are displayed in a table with the product image, ASIN (with a link to the Amazon listing page), SKU, date, and all review information. Click the title of a review to see it on Amazon.

Search, sort, and filter options:

  • Use the Search bar to search for reviews with a particular word in the title or review comment.
  • Use the Sort by menu to see reviews sorted by most recent, oldest (starting from 90 days before the date the ASIN was first added for tracking), high ratings first, or low ratings first.
  • Use the Filter by menus to see only reviews for a specific ASIN, reviews with a specific star rating, or reviews from verified or unverified purchases.

On the right side of the grid is a Notes column. Use this to keep track of whether you or your team already responded to a negative review (this action is available in Seller Central for brand registered sellers) or any other information you may need.


You can also download a CSV of all reviews or all reviews in the filtered grid for further analysis.