What can I do on the Product Reviews page?

The Product Reviews page in FeedbackFive stores data on the product reviews you are monitoring and allows you to analyze the data.

You can also click the title of any review to see it directly on Amazon.

For more on the data available in the Product Reviews grid, see the video or details below.

Note: Since the recording of the above video, Amazon removed the product review comment functionality and does not provide a way to respond to product reviews.

Tip: This page describes the functionality for monitoring ASINs and seeing details about specific reviews. For more product review and product rating analytics, see the Analytics page.

Product Review Summary Page

The Product Review Summary contains a grid listing all the ASINs you are monitoring, with the following information:

  • The product image and name
  • SKUs that are associated with the ASIN
  • An editable notes field for seller notes about an item.
  • The number of reviews for the last 2 days and 90 days, with columns for positive and negative. (A column for reviews in the last 7 days can also be displayed by clicking the gear icon and selecting “7 day positive” and “7 day negative” in the drop-down menu.)
  • The average rating of the item

Clicking on the product name will open the list of all reviews for that item (the Customer Product Reviews Detail Page). Clicking on the ASIN will open the review page for the product on Amazon.

Arrows pointing to the item title and ASIN on the product review summary grid in FeedbackFive

Search and Filter

You can search for specific words or items using the search bar on the top left. Use the drop-down selector to search specific columns. 

Use the faceted navigation on the left to filter and display only the items that meet certain criteria, such as average review rating, date of last review received and number of reviews received in a certain time frame.

Also, you can download a CSV file of either the Product Review Summary or all the product reviews for further analysis.

Customer Product Reviews Detail Page

The Customer Product Review Detail page displays all reviews left for a particular product, starting from 90 days before the date that you first added the ASIN for monitoring.* The following information is displayed:

  • The date of the review
  • The reviewer’s name (as displayed publicly on the Amazon review page)
  • The review rating
  • The review title and review text
  • Whether the review is associated with a Verified Purchase

To view reviews for another item, use the drop-down product selector at the top left.

Search for specific words or items using the search bar on the top right. Use the drop-down selector to search specific columns. 

Use the faceted navigation on the left to display only the reviews that meet certain criteria, such as Review Date, Positive (4 or 5 stars), Negative (1, 2, or 3 stars), specific star ratings and Verified Purchase status.

*Note: If you ever remove an ASIN, either manually or by downgrading your Product Review Management plan, and then add it again, there may be gaps in the review history in FeedbackFive. Of course, customers can still leave reviews on Amazon whether or not you are monitoring the ASIN in FeedbackFive.

Product Review Analytics

On any Customer Product Review Detail Page, click “View Analytics” to see charts and graphs on the item’s average review rating over time and the percentage of reviews with each star rating. Use this data to decide whether to continue restocking this item and whether to change your review solicitation strategy for this product or simply exclude it from solicitations.

ASIN level product review analytics in FeedbackFive

To see one-tap rating data and review/rating data layered with email and order data, go to the main Analytics page. Hover over Emails in the top navigation and choose Analytics.