Create the first supplier and product

Let's begin by creating the first supplier to represent where you source most of your products. It could be a wholesale supplier, your own manufacturing facility, or a retail source where you purchase items.




Let's just fill in the key fields for now:

Supplier Alias - Let's start by creating a test supplier that uses the default Restock Model we identified earlier and added to your Store settings. Fill in their name or an alias you use to refer to them by.

Lead Time, in Days: Fill in all of the lead times for the relevant restocking models for this supplier.

  1. Supplier Lead Time - Enter the number of days anticipated for the supplier to ship items to your local warehouse.
  2. Direct Ship Lead Time - Enter the number of days anticipated from when you begin an order until the items have been shipped and checked in with Amazon,
  3. Cross Dock Lead Time - Enter the total days anticipated from when you begin an order until the items have been checked in with Amazon. Be sure to factor in the time for supplier shipping, prepping, and reshipping.

Note that there are lots of other fields to track your suppliers. Click here for full details on Suppliers.

Now let's assign a Product to this Supplier.

Options > Products

Search and find a product that belongs to the Supplier just created. Open its details by clicking the SKU.

There are a few key things to specify here:

Supplier Alias - Choose the supplier that you just added.

Supplier SKU - If you order this item by a PO, enter the Supplier SKU you will need to order.

Cost of goods - Enter the cost to purchase the item.

Case Pack Qty - If you purchase or ship the item in multiples, enter the number of units per case here.

That's enough for now. I'm sure you can't wait to try a test order!