Managing Local Inventory

The Local Inventory inventory page allows you to manage items in your warehouse(s). You may add, update quantities, or remove items to keep an accurate list. These actions may be done individually or in bulk using a CSV.


The grid shows a list of items that you currently have stored in your warehouse. Use the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the grid to add columns to your display.


Add to Local:

If the product is not in your local inventory, toggle the option to show products with no local inventory.


  • Adding new items is as easy as entering the current quantity in the Local Quantity field.
  • Removing an item from Local Inventory is as easy as setting the item's local quantity to 0.
  • You can also make updates by changing the quantity in this field.


Update Local Inventory with CSV:

You can upload a CSV to update the quantities in bulk. Use the CSV options button to download the template. Enter the desired SKUs and quantities in the file. Click the upload option and select the file. 


Break apart a Kit:

local-inventory-kit-type-and-options Click the break icon beside any kit SKUs to replace the local kit with its parts. This is useful if you decide to sell kit parts individually or repurpose them for another kit.


Build a kit using parts you have:



Click the Kit or Part icon beside any part SKUs to see which kits that the part belongs to, and whether you have the necessary quantities to build the kit SKUs.
local-inventory-build-kit-icon Click the build icon to see how many units of this kit you can build.


You can build as many kits as shown in the possible kits field. Lower the number in the field if you want to build fewer kits. Clicking the Build button will build the number of kits shown in the possible kits field. 


Shipping local items to Amazon:

Creating a local shipment may be done here or from Restock Suggestions. From this view, enter the ship quantity into the FBA Shipment Quantity field on the right side of the grid.


Alternatively, use the copy icon to copy the local quantity as the ship quantity.

You may also use the blue copy all button to quickly add all of the displayed products to a shipment.

Click the red circle at any time to clear all of the items you have marked for shipping.

local-inventory-current-shipment-tile Notice the current shipment tile populates at the top of the page as you collect items to ship.


Once all items are selected, click the create FBA Shipment button.


See Local Shipment Walkthrough for details on completing the shipment process.