What about shipments created outside of RestockPro?

Handling external FBA shipments

RestockPro will import any shipments found on your Seller Central shipping queue, and include them in the count of items Inbound to Amazon. However, it cannot automatically recognize that you've shipped items that are counted in Local Inventory or in an open Cross Dock order. It's important to finish out the order so that your inventory is accurately tracked in your forecast. In other words, if you create and receive a PO into RestockPro's count, you need to clear it out somehow once it's gone. 

Here are several options based on the order type you are using:

Direct Shipments - These shipments may be created externally. RestockPro will import it and allow you to create a matching PO if desired. 

Local or Cross Dock Shipments - Use caution to ensure that RestockPro is aware that inventory you had either in Local Inventory or within an open Cross Dock order has moved. There are a variety of options to achieve this:

Cross Dock - 3 options:

1 - If the order has a status of PO Sent, Receiving, or Received, RestockPro counts that inventory.  Archive the order to indicate it should no longer be considered.


Open the POs and Shipments view and click the archive folder beside the order


2 - Move shipped items to local, and ship from there. Many users like to ship partially received cross dock POs while remaining items are on backorder. You simply need to transfer the items from the Cross Dock Shipping Plan tab to Local Inventory. Then use the Create Shipment option to ship from there.


Open the Cross Dock order. Go to the Shipment Plan tab. Click the checkbox in the first column to select an item. Click Actions>Transfer to Local.


3 - If the cross dock order is fully received, click the green Ship button and choose the 2nd radio button to indicate the items have already been shipped outside of RestockPro. This will transition the order to Closed.


Open the cross dock Shipment Plan tab. If the order is fully received, you'll see the Ship button on the upper right corner.


Choose the 2nd radio button and checkbox



Local Inventory - options:

1 - Skip receiving the PO to local; just close or archive it once you've received it. 

2 - If you have received the items to local, be sure to deduct them. This can be done manually or via CSV. Click here for help. Note you can easily find items from the most recent PO by searching for the PO name.