Which order type or Restock Model should I choose?

In RestockPro, whenever you create an order, set lead times, or select your store's Restock Model, there are 3 options: direct, cross dock and local. Here's how to decide which you should use.


Use direct when:

  • Your supplier will prep and ship the items to FBA for you, and you can create a shipment in Seller Central first without needing to have a PO.
  • You are the supplier/manufacturer, and you have a quick manufacturing turnaround time. (Learn more about RestockPro for manufacturers.)

Cross dock and local orders can seem similar. Consider the points below, or try both and continue with whatever type you prefer.

Use cross dock when:

  • Your shipments typically consist of items from the same PO (e.g. you typically order 100 mugs from your supplier and then prep and ship those same 100 mugs to Amazon without adding anything else to the shipment).
  • You use a third party prep service that will typically ship items that came from the same PO.
  • You use kits and would like RestockPro to automatically build your kits when the assigned parts are received.
  • You generally ship everything that you order to Amazon.
  • Your supplier will ship the items directly to Amazon for you, but needs a PO to be created first and will take some time before the Amazon shipment can be created.
  • You are the supplier/manufacturer, but you have a longer turnaround time and/or need to use POs to track what needs to be manufactured. (Learn more about RestockPro for manufacturers.)

Use local when:

  • You commonly combine items from multiple POs to ship to Amazon.
  • You plan to keep items in your local warehouse or third party warehouse. (For example, you like to order 500 mugs from your supplier at once to get a discount, but only ship 100 to Amazon at a time, storing the rest for later. Or, you may decide to send some mugs to a non-Amazon marketplace.)
  • You use kits but you prefer to build them yourself. (Sometimes it makes more sense to use the parts for individual sale or a different kit.)