User-defined costs

What are user-defined costs? How does SmartPrice use them? How do I add one?

What is it?

A user-defined cost is any cost that you as a seller feel is important to include when setting the price for your listing. These will let you track costs that you want to keep separate from your supplier cost.

Uses in SmartPrice

Currently, SmartPrice will add any user defined costs you include to your supplier cost, desired margin, and any Amazon fees to calculate the minimum price for your listing.
When repricing, SmartPrice will make sure that any price submitted in the future will cover the total amount of user defined costs, supplier costs, and Amazon fees, and still produce the desired margin.

Adding user-defined costs

For each cost, there are two components:

  1. The kind of cost
  2. The dollar amount of that cost

In SmartPrice, you first need to add the kind of cost before you can specify that dollar amount to include in a listings calculated price.

Adding a new kind of cost

You can add a new custom cost with these steps:

        1. Navigate to Setup > User-defined costs

        2. Click the “Add New Cost” button, located above the cost table
        3. In the Add New Cost Field modal that appears, enter a name for this cost.
        4. When you’re happy with the name you’ve entered, click the “Add Cost Field” button to commit your changes.
        5. Your new cost field has been added! Be sure to enable User-Defined Costs in the Show/Hide Columns menu on the listings grid to see your User-Defined Costs.

Using the new cost field (in the Listings Grid)

        1. On your Listings page, be sure that the Show/Hide Columns menu is set to show User-Defined Costs
        2. Enter Editing Mode by clicking the “Enter Editing Mode” button, located in the top right of the listings grid.
        3. Navigate to the listing whose data you want to edit, and scroll to the column containing the new cost field you added.
        4. Enter the dollar amount of the cost.
        5. Exit Editing Mode to save your changes.
        6. You’re done!

Using the new cost field (via CSV Upload)

With CSV upload, you can add cost data to your listings for any cost that you have added in SmartPrice. 

  1. Download the CSV template using the CSV download button located in the top right of your Listings page
  2. Open the CSV file you have downloaded
  3. To the far right, you will see columns titled “UDC: [CostName],” where [CostName] is the name of the custom cost field that you have added in SmartPrice.
  4. Enter your data, and upload the CSV
  5. You’re done!

Editing cost name

You can edit the cost name at any time

      1. Navigate to Setup > User-defined costs
      2. Select the cost to be edited
      3. Click the edit cost button
      4. In the modal that appears, edit the name of the cost
      5. Confirm the edits
      6. You’re done!

Removing unused cost fields

It is possible to remove a user defined cost. As a security measure, you can only remove a cost that has no amount entered for any listing. Once you have confirmed that no listing is using that cost anymore, simply take the following steps:

      1. Navigate to Setup > User-defined costs
      2. Select the cost to be removed
      3. Click the “Remove Cost" button, located above the cost table
      4. In the Remove Cost modal that appears, confirm your intent to remove the cost
      5. You’re done!