Update to Amazon Shipments and RestockPro

As of February 15, RestockPro shipment features have changed due to changes in the Amazon API.

Instead of having the option to finish the shipment within RestockPro, you will always need to download a shipping plan file and upload it to Seller Central, using the Send to Amazon workflow. 

RestockPro will still help you prepare the file, following the same steps you use today in the Shipment Wizard. At the end, you will be redirected to Seller Central to upload the file with just a few clicks and continue the workflow from there.

This change means that the ability to add box contents, print box labels, or opt to use 2D barcodes is no longer available in RestockPro.

Shipments you create in Seller Central directly will still be synced into RestockPro. However, you won’t be able to modify or delete them in RestockPro.

We hope that any disruption to your process will be minimal. Contact us with any questions.

Why is shipment creation being removed from RestockPro?

The main driver is changes at Amazon. Amazon has created entirely new APIs (connections that apps use to exchange information with Seller Central) and retired their old APIs. Amazon also created the Send to Amazon workflow and retired the old Send/Replenish Inventory workflow.

Migrating shipments to the new Amazon APIs is a very lengthy process. Plus, the new Send to Amazon workflow is only partially supported in the new Amazon APIs, and some features, like merging shipments, that RestockPro currently supports are not available in the new APIs at all.

In addition, we found that only a small percentage of RestockPro users were actually creating shipments within RestockPro vs. syncing them from Seller Central or uploading a shipping plan file.

So, instead of a lengthy and partial migration effort that benefits a few sellers, we are choosing to focus on other improvements and future features that we hope will be of more value to more sellers.