Tips for Using RestockPro as a Manufacturer

If you make items yourself, rather than purchasing them from a supplier, RestockPro still helps. Here's how to use RestockPro as a manufacturer.

Set up yourself as your supplier in RestockPro, and set up your items as products associated with your supplier. For complete instructions, see How do I set up suppliers? and How do I set up products?

Then, consider your situation to decide how to use the POs, Shipments, etc.

Do you want to keep track of items requested for manufacture and completed?

If Yes:

Use the local order type:
  1. Create the local PO and think of it as the manufacturing list.
  2. Mark the items received once they have been manufactured.
  3. Keep them in Local Inventory as long as you need before proceeding with an Amazon shipment from Local Inventory as usual.

    If No:

    If your manufacturing process is quick and products are readily available, use the direct order type.

    1. Create direct to Amazon orders when you need to ship products.
    2. Use the packing list or PO to track the list of items to be shipped, if desired.

    Is there any way to keep track of the items I need to order to manufacture and package the item?

    Yes! Check out RestockPro's Kits features which are useful to ensure you order a set of parts to create your final product:

    1. Set up the SKUs that require you to purchase or make several parts as kits in RestockPro.
    2. Use a local PO to help you order or make the right parts to create enough of the kit product.
    3. Receive and build the kits in RestockPro when the parts are ready.
    4. Proceed with an Amazon shipment as usual.