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Tips for manufacturers

Whether you purchase items and resell them or manufacture them yourself, RestockPro makes the tracking process easier. A couple of tips for manufacturers:

Do you want to keep track of items requested for manufacture and completed?

If Yes: Cross dock orders work really well for this. Simply create the cross dock PO and think of it as the "manufacture list". Mark the items as received once they've been manufactured.

If No: If your manufacturing process is quick and products are readily available, direct orders are a great way to keep track. Create a supplier in RestockPro to represent yourself as the manufacturer, and create "direct to Amazon" orders when you need to ship goods. The packing list or PO may be useful to track the list to be shipped.

Is there any way to keep track of the items I need to order to manufacture and package the item?

Yes, check out RestockPro's kitting features which are useful to ensure you order a set of parts to create your final product.