SmartPrice Setup Guide

Welcome to SmartPrice!

The First Few Minutes

Now that your store is connected to Amazon, expect it to take anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes for the tool to pull all the relevant data from Amazon and process it.  When that sync is complete, click on Listings to go your Listings grid. Here you’ll see all of your listings on Amazon in a searchable, and sortable grid.

Once your Listings grid has populated, it’s time to start repricing!

Let’s Reprice a Listing

Repricing with SmartPrice is really easy.  You give us a minimum price, turn on repricing, and we get you the buy box at the best price your listing can command.

(It’s important to note that SmartPrice can only make repricing decisions for listings with an active Amazon Listing Status. If a customer can’t see your listing, we can’t reprice it.)

  1. On the top navigation menu, go to Listings. To get started, enter the SKU or ASIN of a listing in the search bar.
  2. When the listing grid updates to the desired listing, click the Editing Mode button (grid icon) to enable direct text edit in the grid. The button with the pencil icon allows for mass editing (save this for when you are ready to ramp up your repricing).

  3. Type in a minimum price in the User-Defined Minimum Price column. 

  4. In the Repricing Status column, enable repricing switch. (The switch will turn orange. If it doesn’t, review the help text or check our Troubleshooting guide.)
  5. SmartPrice is now managing repricing for your listing. 

That’s it! SmartPrice will now look for opportunities to get your listing in the buy box at its best price, never going below your minimum price.

However, to really leverage what SmartPrice can do for you, we recommend you set up calculated pricing. You give SmartPrice your costs and desired profit margin, and SmartPrice will give you prices that will always be profitable, even if Amazon changes their fees when you’re not looking.  I am ready to leverage SmartPrice to calculate my minimum prices for me.