Can I use the new "Send to Amazon" workflow with RestockPro shipping plan files?

Yes, RestockPro supports the shipping plan files for the Send to Amazon workflow.

In September 2022, Amazon retired the old Send/Replenish Inventory workflow and replaced it with the Send to Amazon workflow for creating shipments. RestockPro has also retired the old "Create shipping plan file" option and replaced it with the "Send to Amazon" file option.

To download a shipping plan file for the new Send to Amazon workflow:

  1. Begin creating your shipment as usual.
  2. On the Options step in the FBA Shipment wizard, select "Send to Amazon."
  3. If you selected "Send in Case Packs" earlier in the shipment wizard, you will now see a "Case Pack" tab where you fill in the box dimensions and weights for your case pack items (required for the Send to Amazon).
  4. Click "Next" to download the file and proceed.
  5. On the Complete step, click the link in the instructions, "Upload the file to Seller Central here." This link will take you to the Send to Amazon workflow in Seller Central.

Remember, you can always create shipments start-to-finish in RestockPro.