Overview of Direct Ship

In this model, the supplier sends the item directly to Amazon. 

With direct ship, you begin by selecting a set of products for a particular supplier. You then create one or more shipment(s) as specified by Amazon. Finally, for each shipment, you create a Purchase Order to the supplier for those items. Each purchase order contains the correct ship to fulfillment center. RestockPro helps you track the receipt of the items by Amazon.

For items requiring stickers, you will either need the supplier to apply the stickers or use Amazon’s FBA Label Service. You may download the stickers to a PDF from RestockPro and send them to the supplier with the PO.


The steps for creating a direct ship include:

direct icon.PNG

1 - Create the order (Source is Supplier and Destination is Directly to Amazon)


From Restock Suggestions, the Next Action button is to Create the FBA Shipment.


2 - Create the FBA shipment


Once your shipment(s) are created, you’ll need to create purchase orders for each shipment.

Go the Orders page to open the first Shipment. Click the PO tab.


3 - Finalize the purchase order(s)


4 - Finalize the shipment(s)


5 - Send PO(s) to the supplier, with stickers and shipping labels if desired


File the PO with your supplier in the usual way. Items that require stickers may be handled in one of two ways:

  1. Your supplier can apply item stickers - you can use RestockPro to save the stickers as a PDF to send to the supplier

  2. Amazon can apply item stickers. The FBA Label Service is available for sellers who send qualifying units to Amazon. The cost is $.20 per unit. Any condition item is eligible, and all unit barcodes must be intact. If no scannable barcode is present, you will have to apply labels on your own.

4 - Track the shipment(s)