Tracking Amazon Receiving

While RestockPro helps you ensure your shipments are packed and labeled for accurate receiving, it’s important to monitor their arrival. RestockPro helps you identify shipments not fully received and keep track of your investigation and any cases you might need to open.


The orders page gives you a summary view of which shipments are fully received. Click the “Inbound to Amazon” color box at the top of the page to quickly filter the list to incomplete shipments. Review the sent versus the received columns on the orders page and shipment details page to keep track of whether Amazon has received your items. Use the tags and notes fields to keep track of any Amazon cases, communication or tracking you’re doing.


RestockPro calculates the estimated arrival date on every shipment that you create. It is based on the shipment creation + the appropriate lead time. For a direct shipment, it will use the Supplier's direct lead time. For a shipment from you (either Local Inventory or based on a cross dock order plan), it will use your Local lead. Watch the ETA as another guide to help you monitor potential receiving problems.


Open a shipment to view the receiving details for each SKU. Every SKU shows the shipped quantity, the received quantity, the difference (shipped minus received) and a value discrepancy column. If there are a lot of receiving discrepancies, you may want to sort by the value discrepancy to prioritize which items you spend effort tracking down.


Tracking down receiving problems can be a time consuming and frustrating process. RestockPro provides notes for each SKU and each shipment that can help keep track of your communications and any cases you have opened.


If you are having a lot of issues with shipments being accurately received, check out our article on “A Tale of Two Shipments” which contains a lot of great advice for shipment success.