How do I fix inactive listings?

Inactive listings are items buyers cannot purchase. Learn why this happens and how to fix it.

What is an inactive listing?

Inactive listings are listings that buyers cannot purchase because Amazon has removed the "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons.

Why was my listing made inactive?

Amazon will show the reason the listing was deactivated on the "Fix Your Products" page in Seller Central. Common reasons include:

  • The listing was not priced competitively compared to other websites. (If you sell the same item on other websites for a lower price, Amazon may deactivate your Amazon listing.)
  • You need approval to sell this product.
  • Amazon has received complaints that the product is inauthentic, unsafe, expired, etc.
  • The item is out of stock.
  • Two listings are suspected to be duplicates of each other.

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How does an inactive listing impact my business?

If a listing is inactive, customers cannot buy it. This causes a loss of sales until the listing is active again. Also, the decreased sales may change the ranking of the product, which means it may be harder for sales to return to their former levels once the listing is active again.

How do I fix an inactive listing?

Follow the prompts on the Fix Your Products page in Seller Central to get the listing active again.

For example, if the listing is inactive because the item is out of stock, restock the item (FBA) or update your item quantity to reflect the inventory you have on hand (MFN). If the listing is inactive because you need approval to sell the product, request approval from the Fix Your Products page.

How can I prevent listings from being deactivated?

To keep your listings active: