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Important Update to FeedbackFive Default Campaigns

To comply with Amazon Communication Guidelines, default campaigns now send only to orders that have not yet received an email from FeedbackFive.

Amazon Communication Guidelines only allow sellers to send one request for feedback and/or a product review per order. To align with this policy, FeedbackFive default campaigns have been updated to include the rule "This Campaign will be sent if no previous FeedbackFive emails have been sent for the order."

How does this change affect me?

If you have more than one default campaign active, only the one that is scheduled to send first will send emails. The later campaign(s) will not send anymore because of the new rule.

Also, no default campaigns will be sent for an order that already received a custom campaign or manually sent email from FeedbackFive.

If you have more than one campaign active, you should review your campaigns to make sure they are sending all necessary messages without violating Amazon's Communication Guidelines.

How do I know whether I have more than one default campaign active?

Log into FeedbackFive and go to Emails > Campaigns. Default campaigns have an orange "default" label near their titles. Every FeedbackFive account comes with three default campaigns: Seller Feedback Request, Product Review Request, and Feedback and Review Request.

If you are on the Lite or Basic plan, you only have default campaigns; custom campaigns are available only on the Pro plan and above.

Any campaigns that do not have an orange "default" label are custom campaigns, and their rules can be edited.

Are custom campaigns affected by this change?

No, nothing is changing about custom campaigns.

If you are using custom campaigns, you should still make sure that you are not sending more than one request for feedback/review per order to avoid Amazon messaging restrictions.

What if I need to send my buyers an email that is not a request?

If you need to send product instructions, warranty information, or something else that is necessary for the order and allowed by Amazon, you can still do so:

  • Lite and Basic plans: Combine your request and information into a single email by customizing one of the Wizard templates. Activate only the campaign associated with that template.
  • Pro plans and above: Either combine your request and information into a single template or use custom campaigns to send two separate emails.

For more on how to customize and create templates, see Choose or Create your Templates.

For more on default and custom campaigns, see Activate your Campaigns.

What if I need to request both feedback and a product review?

You can still request both as long as you send no more than one message for this purpose. The best option is to use the official Amazon Feedback and Review Request and the corresponding default campaign called Feedback and Review Request.

I have more questions or need help adjusting my campaigns.

Contact us. We will be happy to help.