I fixed my listing. Why doesn’t SmartPrice show the change?

The scheduled SmartPrice listing sync hasn’t run since you fixed your listing. SmartPrice syncs your listings with Amazon every four hours.

Solution #1: Wait for the scheduled sync
Within 4 hours of fixing your listing, SmartPrice will update the listings grid with the latest Amazon Listing Status data.

Solution #2: Click the Sync to Amazon Button (in progress)
For those times when you’ve made changes to your listings on Amazon, we’ve included a “Sync to Amazon” button. Clicking this button will run the sync job, updating the listings grid with the current Amazon Status of your listings within the next minute or so. (NOTE: The “Sync to Amazon” button can only be used once every four hours. Clicking the Sync to Amazon button will also change the time of the next scheduled run to 4 hours after the button was clicked.