How can I download or email a PO in RestockPro?

Email or download a purchase order during its creation, or send it from the POs and Shipments page later.

After adding items to a new PO and clicking "Create PO," you will see a purchase order preview window. At the bottom are options to email the PO or download it as a PDF.

If you choose to save and exit instead, or if you need to email the PO to yourself again later, you can do so from the POs and Shipments page. The "Email PO" option is available for POs that are still in one of these statuses:

  • PO Sent: The PO has been created and either sent to the supplier or saved.
  • Receiving: The PO is being received to your local inventory, warehouse, or 3PL.
  • Received: The PO has been received to your local inventory.

To email the PO to yourself, look at the Options column and click the envelope icon.

Purchase order and shipments grid in RestockPro

For POs in other statuses, the envelope icon will not appear, because the PO is either Pending (not yet fully created), Closed, or has been converted to an Amazon shipment.

Download CSV

Even if you bypassed the option to download a PDF during creation or no longer have the option to email the PO, you can always download a CSV of any PO or shipment. To do this:

  1. Go to the POs and Shipments page.
  2. Click on the name of the PO or shipment.
  3. On the PO/Shipment Details page, click the hamburger icon on the right side of the grid and choose "Download All" (to get a CSV of all the items and information on the PO) or "Download Current View" (to get a CSV of only the columns and items that are currently shown).Arrow pointing to the hamburger menu on an example purchase order in RestockPro