Customizing Purchase Orders

RestockPro uses purchase orders to track items that you have ordered. If you like, RestockPro can generate a customized purchase order as an email or PDF to send to your supplier. This section is where you configure what it will look like.


PO Settings

You can choose the columns to display based on what information you want to include on the purchase orders to your suppliers. Click the field names to move them between the list of hidden columns and the list of PO columns. Be sure to click save when you are done.

When you create a PO, you can also add notes to your supplier. That is discussed in Chapter 4, Managing POs.

Note: Whether you send the RestockPro PO as your actual PO or not is completely up to you! If you do, this section is useful for customizing the look of it. RestockPro can also export or import purchase order information if you have a different method. See Best Practices. No matter what, you will want to keep track of your purchase orders in RestockPro so that your forecast is up to date with orders you have already placed!