Does SmartPrice provide competitor analytics?

SmartPrice tracks the number of competitors and whether Amazon is a competitor on each of your listings on the Competition page.

Go to Dashboard > Competition to see data on:

  1. SKUs with no detected competitors: SmartPrice does not detect any other sellers on the listing. (Note: SmartPrice currently cannot reprice for these listings because there is no competition to reprice against.)
  2. SKUs with competitors: SKUs that have offers from Amazon and/or other third-party sellers on the listing.
  3. SKUs with third-party competitors: SKUs that have offers from other third-party sellers on the listing.
  4. SKUs with Amazon as a competitor: Amazon is also selling these SKUs directly on the same listing.

Note: Numbers 2, 3, and 4 will overlap. For example, “SKUs with competitors” may be the same number as “SKUs with third-party competitors,” if all of your SKUs with any competition have third-party competitors (that is, you don’t have any SKUs where Amazon is your only competitor). Some SKUs may have both Amazon and other third-party sellers as competitors, so those will be counted in both categories.

All these data points are shown for yesterday, last seven days, and last 30 days so that you can see your competitive landscape changing over time.